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If I Didn’t Know … Would I Know?

If I wasn’t constantly being told be the TV, radio, newspaper, and magazines that we are in a financial downturn, would I know that from my every day life experiences over the last year?

My answer is no.reporters-news-propoganda

My life has gone on pretty much unchanged from what it was prior to this “down turn.”  No, that’s not right.  Truthfully, it is much better. My business has remained very good. As a matter of fact, the last couple of years were the best in my career.  There have been a lot of eager buyers — eager to buy a home, and eager to take advantage of the $8000 tax credit.

In some ways, business is much easier now.

Sellers are much more willing to deal and try harder to put a sale together and keep it together.  Also, builders are paying nice bonuses for selling their homes — homes that I probably would have sold anyways to the buyers that I have.  Everyone seems much more appreciative of my efforts — co-op agents, builders, mortgage lenders, title companies, etc.

As far as listings go, sellers have been less likely to try to cut commissions. They realize the value of a Realtor — and they generally listen to pricing suggestions better — they’re just happy to be able to sell their homes.

On a personal level, it seems like everything is on sale.  There are great deals to be had out there — vacations, hotels, cars — and even small ticket items like books, etc.  Now is a great time to buy and do things.

Now I realize that different people in different locations have different circumstances.  I am speaking only for my situation here in El Paso, Texas.  And speaking for me, I’d say that now is a great time to be in the real estate business and to enjoy life.

The moral of the story…

Stop listening to the media and make your own decisions about what kind of times you live in — enjoy your career and enjoy your life!

Barry Karch is a Realtor with The Real Estate Power Houses at Prudential BKB, REALTORS in El Paso, TX



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  1. 106 mos ago

    Hi Barry,

    I agree and the better we are at conveying this, the more likely we are to get even more business. People want to be around success and that’s the kind of attitude that breeds it.

  2. Very well said. Some Realtors expect that the market will return to the way it was during the bubble and forget that running a business is a lot of hard work. Perseverance is the key to success.

  3. 106 mos ago

    I cannot agree with you more. I feel that the mass amounts of media like always focused more on the problems and issues arising as opposed to the good. So many people lost touch with what being a good Realtor actually is. Society was getting money hungry and it hurt them in the long run. I agree with you that it is how you react to the situation and approach it that truly shows if you are happy or not. Good luck with all your future endeavors. A well written piece.

    JR McGee

  4. 106 mos ago


  5. 105 mos, 3 wks ago

    Yes the media seems to be on the doom and gloom parade.

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