Moving Your Real Estate Business

Posted by: Robert Worthington on September 30th, 2010

Part 1: Starting Over

The decision was made to move my business from Wisconsin to Florida.  I’ll leave all the reasons behind this decision in this post, however it’s my goal for you to take a new look at your business from another angle.

So often we’ve heard the 3 L’s (Location, Location, Location), yet I should point out that as Realtors® we don’t choose our own location.  Instead we sell where we live — after all it’s where we live right?  I must say that the most valuable lesson I learned in business so far is that “you have to give, in order to get.” (That’s another post.)

My family and I chose to give up our Real Estate business and lives as we knew it, and move to Florida.  Currently I am negotiating a deal at liquidation value with another firm to take over for Worthington Realty.  (Worthington Realty has been in business since 1954 in Manitowoc in case you’re wondering how hard this decision was.)

We said goodbye to our family and friends and days later were gone.  Hello, Florida!  Hello great weather, palm trees and expensive homes.  My wife and I have been craving year round nice weather for so many years.  Finally we did something about it. We put aside our business in Wisconsin and set out to reestablish in Boca Raton.

At 29 years old with one child and one on the way, we are ready to play ball and sell Real Estate.   We chose to settle in a rental house until we know Boca Raton better before we purchase.  This time around, we chose our own location! My wife and I believe weather the market is up or down, that our Real Estate business is simply “our own economy” and we will prosper even in tough times.

The post was simply a warm up for what is to come on moving a real estate business.  I’ll give you the ups the downs and anything in between.  If you’re thinking of moving your business to your location, follow me.  Check back for more posts to come and learn from my own experiences on how to move a Real Estate business.   Now go and choose your own location.



6 Comments on “Moving Your Real Estate Business”

Jessica G

Sounds like a tough decision, Robert! But glad it is all working out in the end. I’m looking forward to hearing how HomeGain is helping you get started with your new real estate biz in Florida.

Daniel Statlander

Hi Robert. I made that tough decision 7 years ago I can say I have never looked back. Florida welcomes you. Real Estate couldnt be better in our State.
If you need any help absorbing into the State and the Market in Florida please doo not hesitate to contact me 561.542.7338
Dan Statlander


I’ve often wondered about the ability to move. Very difficult on a lot of fronts.

All my business comes from my web site which causes all sorts of issues. A web site SEO’d for Atlanta is no use in FL or anywhere else.

Good luck with your move.

Rob for Atlanta Real Estate

Marc Rasmussen

Wow. Bold step. I don’t really want to move but thought it would be nice to sell in Colorado. The idea of starting over in a new location sounds exciting but also exhausting. If I ever did it I would build up a real estate website a good year in advance to get the ball rolling.

Wayne Long

Wow! Bold Move!! Congrats!!

manila real estate

It is a brave endeavor to relocate an office. But our website also needs updated information.

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