Lives of The Realtors: Brian Kinkade

Posted by: Brian Kinkade on October 29th, 2008

Life is about the journey … not about the ending. 


My earliest memory is when I was about 3+ years old.  For some strange reason, I recall that I was eating M&Ms one fateful day when I was told that my father wasn’t coming home anymore.  I later learned he was in a head on collision on a cold rainy day while driving to work.  He survived but was busted up pretty bad.  After a year or so of hospitalization, my parents’ marriage succumbed to the resulting stresses.


When I was 16, I left high school to go work full time in the construction business.  Back when my dear mother was raising two boys on her own and working two jobs to make ends meet it seemed the right thing to do.  My high school counselor said I was making a major mistake and that I’d never be able to go to college.  He didn’t know I don’t believe in the word “never” and fortunately I was wise enough to complete my California Proficiency Exam.


After working full time for two years I realized that perhaps I ought to start working on Plan B.   This entailed going back to college part-time and broadening my horizons.  Fortunately, I had gone to work with a man of the world.  He would tell us stories of sailing a wooden ship from Holland to Santa Monica, CA.  And, how he longed for things he should have done such as sailing in a Bi-Centennial event.  Many times, he would say, “A little bit of something, is better than a whole lot of nothing”.


Six years later, I graduated from El Camino Community College and moved onto the University of Southern California.  The very evening of my graduation my proud grandfather, who had inspired me to educate myself, and attended my graduation, died of a stroke.  A year later, the day before my brother’s graduation, my Uncle, an officer in the Honolulu PD, was killed in the line of duty.  It seemed to us that they were both hanging in long enough to make sure we moved onto manhood.


At the University of Southern California, I was one of twenty five students accepted into their Real Property Development and Management Program.  And I was one of a select group of students accepted into their Undergraduate Program Lab scholarship program which limited the size of many of my classes to less than 50 students.  Two years later I graduated with my B.S. in Business Administration. 


The economy in Southern California in 1989 was dismal so I ended up taking a job for a major insurance carrier as a Liability Claims Adjuster.  One thing led to another and I found myself in Denver, CO.  I applied for a Auto Claims Adjuster position, if I was accepted, I would stay on with the company, if I was rejected I was out of a job.  Several years later I found myself hiring on with their National Catastrophe Claims program traveling across the country.


After three or so years on the road, I ended up working in Olathe, KS, as a Systems Engineer and IT Manager of an 80,000 square foot call center.  In June 2001, after contributing towards the go live of the Customer Care Center live, I moved back to Denver, only to find a slumping IT job market.  The Internet bubble had burst and I was left to figure out how to make it into a tough market.


I continued to educate and train myself.  In 2002, I took a job with a local Healthcare IT company, as a Software Engineer.  Within months my talents were sought out and I was shifted to a new department as a Database Administrator.  In another year I found myself working on a bleeding edge product, kind of like a web based personal health manager.


In June 2005, the managing broker at a local real estate office, called and asked me if I wanted to work for their new office, Cherry Creek Professionals Realty.  It was just what the doctor ordered and I joined their Mentor Program under the tutelage of a wise and kind senior broker.  I flourished in this healthy environment and sought out advanced training to freshen my knowledge and skills.  I was licensed in 1996 but only sold occasionally for myself and family.


Long story short, my IT background inspired me to try to farm the Internet.  I sought information and knowledge online, first with a website vendor and then on to more results oriented experts and products.  My friends, Mitch Ribak, HomeGain and the Real Estate Webmasters (REW) became my best resources.  It became clear I was heading in the right direction and I was finally able to put my college education to good use.


I found myself needing help to manage the leads I was generating.  From tens, to hundreds, my lead base was growing and my success grew with it.  I didn’t have any special or million dollar clubs to brag about, but my business was growing.   Soon I found a team to grow with me and my new Denver real estate venture.  Recently, Mitch, my long term Internet Marketing mentor, visited my office.  I made some tough decisions which I am still contending with, but we’re making progress.


I am hiring an Administrative Assistant and one or more Brokers.  I continue to reach out to my new family of like minded brokers, both at Mitch’s eHomes Realty Network and at REW.  And what a family it is.  Recently I flew to Nanaimo, in British Columbia, Canada and met 50+ of my colleagues and friends including Eric Blackwell, Kevin Koitz and many others I communicate with to share and exchange knowledge. 


A long time ago I learned some valuable lessons which I carry through life; no matter how tough I have it, someone else always has it tougher; never say never; do unto others as you’d like done to you; build your house on stone; the glass is always half full vs. half empty; a little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing; pay it forward; life comes full circle; and it is about the journey not about the ending. 

So the adventure continues… and I am a part of it… not an observer or a victim… I am living it to its fullest through thick and thin.

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Real Estate Taxi

What a great story, Brian! Thats a shame that your parents went through what they didn’t from the accident. Its sounds like your a stronger person for it. Best of Luck!

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