Your Personality Drives Your Online Business

Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on May 1st, 2008

In this month’s Agent Success Newsletter, we featured Brian Block of the Block Real Estate Group, LLC with RE/MAX Allegiance.

A large part of a real estate agent’s success is being likable. We all prefer to work with people we like. The same applies to selecting a real estate agent.

Met in person, it’s easy to assess an agent’s personality right away. But business over the Internet may not always be so simple. Writing styles don’t always translate – it could be too dry, too silly, too short or too casual. Plus, not all agents are aware of Internet best practices. An agent might email too often, not reply fast enough or come across too short. A website might have an unclear font, unattractive colors or show too many photos.

All this speaks to the agent’s personality. It’s an interpretation of who you are and what you can do for your client.

One HomeGain agent, Brian Block, has found a mix of online marketing tools where he can efficiently and effectively show his personality, and communicate via the Internet to the degree where he can convert online prospects into clients – resulting in over 70% of his business.

His personality and online expertise shines through in his website, emails, his Blog and AgentEvaluator proposals. He’s also just added an Agent Blog to his AgentView membership!

His success with online business wasn’t overnight. It took time to get the right balance and the know-how. For instance, Brian’s real estate blog,, now receives an average of 300 visitors per day, but it used to get 300 for the entire month.

Brian stated, “The more I write, the more I’m out there for people to find me.”

“People I meet with after they’ve seen my blog have already gotten to know my personality, my philosophy, my business, my processes. So not only are they well-informed and educated about getting started, but they feel a connection to me and aren’t meeting with other agents.”

He was recently interviewed by CBS News in a segment titled, “All Aboard the Foreclosure Bus”. A reporter read an article that he wrote on his blog about foreclosures and invited him to be a part of their segment. This is further proof that Brian’s online communication methods are working well!

As a HomeGain AgentEvaluator agent since 2006, Brian is able to show his personality in his proposals that he sends to potential clients.

“HomeGain offers a great marketing system,” said Brian. “I have created a few proposals in which I describe my business, balancing professionalism with personality. I’ve adjusted and improved my proposal templates so that now I see a good response rate. I currently have a few buyers I’m working with as a result!”

Brian also has multiple tiers of emails set up to communicate with clients and prospective clients. He keeps a database of emails and manages them closely. One of his regular emails is a daily update of homes for sale. See his lead capture web page at

Visit Brian’s website at to learn by example for how you can improve the way you show your personality online.

You can also visit Brian’s new HomeGain Agent Blog.

Learn how you get started with your own HomeGain Agent Blog, send out drip marketing emails, and better communicate with potential clients at!



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Louisville, KY Homes for Sale

I agree with the premise of this post, but I want to add that not everyone is equipped to cast themselves in the best light online. I think it takes time, effort, and the ability to seek out and follow competent advice. This is a new form of lead generation and the consumer is still discovering all of the benefits.

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