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What about Customer Service and Employee Satisfaction?

As HomeGain enters to the Web 2.0 world people have been asking “What took you so long?”

The simple answer is we believe a business is run first and foremost on satisfying the needs of your customer base and making sure you provide an enjoyable and challenging work environment for your employees.

These two goals come first. Creating buzz is secondary.

HomeGain recently created the HomeGain Agent Blogging Network that gives our AgentView customers free blogs. We did this not to create buzz (although we did generate a fair amount) but rather due to customer demand for such a product.

We aim to meet the needs of our customers. Our customer is the real estate professional. Wherever we have real estate professionals as our customers, we feature them prominently in an ad free environment.

We promote the value of working with a Realtor on our web site.

HomeGain employees, including myself, speak to real estate professionals every day. We want to know how they are doing, what their markets are like and in general how we can improve our products and services to make them more successful.

“On any given day, the Account Management and Training teams reach out to more than 300 of our customers,” says Matt Malmgren, Senior Manager of Client Services.

“This is time spent educating our customers on not only how to be successful with HomeGain, but with Real Estate in general. On these calls, we’ll discuss everything from follow up strategies for dealing with today’s online consumer to what it takes to have an effective website. Keeping our customers successful and transacting is our priority.”

HomeGain is not interested in creating cool features to drive page views so we can sell advertising.

We want HomeGain.com visitors to connect with Realtors. We want HomeGain.com visitors to fall in love with our Realtor customers, not our web site features.

We think with our Agent Blogging Network, we have found a way to make Web 2.0 advance that goal.

Louis Cammarosano



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  1. 124 mos ago

    MBY Realty Group
    We noted your comments on My Tech Opinion. Please be assured that we will be working on adding additional features to the blog so that you can present your blog in the most attractive fashion.
    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions @ louis@homegain.com

  2. 124 mos ago

    We just started with HomeGain in the last 30 days, and we have not yet sold a home but we are very impressed with your site advancements so far. Agent blogs are a great example to our customers of our personalities as web 2.0 realtors, thank you for your support we look forward to working with you guys.

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