Twitterquette Poll – Is It Rude To Not Follow Those That Follow You?

Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on March 23rd, 2009

On a panel with Matt Fagioli, Michael Simonsen and myself at RetechSouth last week, Pat Kitano remarked that it was rude to not follow the Twitter followers who follow you.

Do you agree? 

Take the poll:

[polldaddy poll="1480240"]

Louis Cammarosano



4 Comments on “Twitterquette Poll – Is It Rude To Not Follow Those That Follow You?”

Pat Kitano

You’ve skewed my words here … I even answered the poll:

no, if they want to follow me, that is there business, if I don’t want to follow them, that’s mine

The more appropriate poll questions should be:

A stranger who could potentially be my client just followed me on Twitter, do I:

* follow back
* not follow back
* wait and see if a relationship develops before following back

The second question should be:

I am following somebody who I want to hire for my business and they won’t follow me back. Do I:

* Continue following
* Quit following
* Wonder why such a great prospect like me is being ignored

Louis Cammarosano

Hi Pat
Thanks for the clarification. Great to see your again.

Let’s continue our discussion publically and privately.

Sam Chapman

Too many of the people I follow tweet too much. They dilute the post of others. What I like to see is tiny urls leading to good reads, not what someone had for breakfast. I know others will disagree, but that’s my take.

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I think its up to the individual. You never asked the person to follow you so I don’t think its necessary to reciprocate. If you feel they are worthwhile then you should follow them.

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