Realtors’® View of Direction of Home Values Varies Widely By State

Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on March 16th, 2009

More than 2/3 of Realtors® Surveyed in California, Massachusettes, Michigan and New York See Further Decline in Home Prices in Next Six Months

More than 2/3 of Realtors® Surveyed in Pennsylvania Texas, Ohio, Georgia, Ohio, Colorado and Washington See Flat or Rising Home Prices in Next Six Months

Last week HomeGain released nationwide, regional and state survey data on Realtor’s opinions on home values and the Obama stimulus plan.

While the national survey data revealed generally a poor housing market, the results were not uniform.

A closer look at the state survey data shows that while the majority of Realtors in many states are expecting further home price declines in the coming six months, large percentages of Realtors in other states are expecting higher home prices.

There were a few where more than 50% of the Realtors surveyed believed that home prices would stay the same.

Of note was Pennsylvania where more than 3 of 4 Realtors surveyed expect no change in home prices in the coming six months.

Below are the results of our survey that indicate by state the percentage of Realtors that think home prices will rise, fall or stay the same:

1. Here are the top 20 states where Realtors believe home prices will fall in the next six months:

% of Realtors Surveyed

1. Hawaii 100%

2. Mississippi 100%

3. Nebraska 100%

4. Rhode Island 100%

5. Vermont 100%

6. Minnesota 83%

7. Michigan 76%

8. Utah 75%

9. Massachusettes 71%

10. California 69%

11. New York 67%

12. New Mexico 66%

13. New Jersey 64%

14. Florida 64%

15. Nevada 63%

16. Virginia 59%

17. Connecticut 56%

18. Maryland  56%

19. Washington 52%

20. Illinois 52%

2. Here are the top 10 states where Realtors believe home prices will rise in the next six months:

1. Delaware 60%

2. Kansas 33%

3. Alabama 29%

4. Oregon  29%

5. Texas 26%

6. Colorado 25%

7. North Carolina 19%

8. Missouri 18%

9. Georgia 16%

10.  Ohio 15%

3. Here are the top 16 states where Realtors believe home prices will stay the same:

1. Iowa 100%

2. Louisiana 100%

3. Pennsylvania 76%

4. Indiana 66%

5. Arkansas 60%

6. South Carolina 57%

7. Tennessee 54%

8. New Hampshire 50%

9. Texas 49%

10 Washington 48%

11. Ohio 46%

12. Maryland 44%

13. Alabama 43%

14. Georgia 42%

15. Illinois 38%

16. Colorado 38%

See National and Regional Survey Results

See State Survey Results

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2 Comments on “Realtors’® View of Direction of Home Values Varies Widely By State”


that’s why realtors have to scramble around!!! it is a tough market for us right now because unfortunately sellers are realizing they can’t afford us and go to sites like


A little hope in the midst of a storm…I’ve been seeing more real estate activity for the past 3 weeks in the office and through website activity. I sure hope it continues. After 5 months of no sales it feels good!

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