Realtors® Give Thumbs Down To Obama Stimulus Plan

Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on March 17th, 2009

HomeGain®, the first website to provide free instant home values, today announced the state results of a nationwide survey of current and former HomeGain Realtor® members’ opinions on the Obama stimulus plan.

Last week HomeGain released the results of a nationwide survey of nearly 700 current and former HomeGain members. The survey asked their opinions on home values and the impact of the Obama stimulus package. On this blog we published the national and regional results.

We also released survey data from TexasCalifornia ,Illinois , Florida , New York and Georgia.

The HomeGain member survey received national coverage and the results were noted in USA Today, Dallas Morning News,Boston Globe, Crane’s Investment News, Sellsius, Dallas Magazine, Orange County Register, RIS Media, Philadelphia Daily News, St. Petersburg Times, the Boston Real Estate Blog, Real Trends, Realtor Magazine, Inman News, Transparent Real Estate, Agent Genius and other blogs.

Today we released the state survey results on Realtors’ opinions on the Obama stimulus plan.

Nationally 45% of our surveyed Realtors thought Obama’s stimulus plan would have no impact on home values. 38% thought it would stabilize home prices, 13% thought it would decrease home prices and just four percent thought it would increase home values.

The HomeGain survey was conducted the week of February 23. A Rassmussen telephone poll conducted the same week showed that 34% of U.S. voters thought the plan would help the economy while 32% thought it would hurt. Twenty eight percent of US voters participating in the Rasmuessen poll thought the plan would have little impact on the economy.

Set forth below are the HomeGain survey results by state of the Realtors’ opinion of the Obama stimulus plan:

Top Twenty States Believing The Obama Stimulus Plan Will Have No Impact on Home Prices

% of Realtors

1. Minnestota 100%

2. Maine 100%

3. Iowa 100%

4. Alabama 71%

5. Pennsylvania 67%

6. Kansas 66%

7. Idaho 66%

8. New Jersey 60%

9. North Carolina 59%

10. South Carolina 57%

11. Oregon 57%

12. Michigan 57%

13. Massachusettes 57%

14. Indiana 56%

15. Florida 55%

16. Tenessee 54%

17. Virginia 53%

18. Utah 50%

19. Missouri 45%

20. llinois 45%

Top Ten States Believing The Obama Stimulus Plan Will Decrease Home Prices

% of Realtors

1. Georgia 24%

2. Tennessee 23%

3. North Carolina 19%

4. Missouri 18%

5. Virginia 18%

6. California 17%

7. New York 17%

8. Maryland 14%

9. Washington 14%

10. Oregon 14%

10. Maryland 14%

10. Alabama 14%

Top Ten States Believing the Obama Stimulus Plan Will Stabilize Home Prices

% of Realtors

1. Ohio 77%

2. Hawaii 66%

3. Wisconsin 63%

4. Nevada 63%

5. Washington 62%

6. Delaware 60%

7. New York 50%

8. New Hampshire 50%

9. Maryland 50%

10. Colorado 50%

Top Five States Believing Obama Stimulus Package Will Increase Home Prices

1. Texas 26%

2. Wisconsin 13%

3. Colorado 13%

4. Maryland 11%

5. Indiana 11%

For Realtor commentary on the Obama stimulus plan see HomeGain Releases Results of Survey of Realtors on Home Values question seven.

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