Online Shock and Awe Campaign – 10 Online Marketing Secrets for Realtors That Want to Kick Butt and Take Names on Google

Posted by: Mary McKnight on October 16th, 2008

Become a keyboard warrior.  If you want to win the online war against Trulia, Zillow and Yahoo, you need to know the 10 secrets that will put and keep your website or blog on top of the engines and generating leads. 


Learn advanced SEO, SEM, Landing page optimization and lead generation strategies employed by professional online marketers tailored to real estate in this easy to understand and implement techniques.


I will unveil one never before heard SEO secret exclusively to the HomeGain.


Your Keyword Cheat Sheet:


How many clicks will you get when your site hits the first page of Google?


Number 1 receives 42.1%

Number 2 receives 11.9%

Number 3 receives 8.5%

Number 4 receives 6.1%

Number 5 receives 4.9%

Number 6 receives 4.1%

Number 7 receives 3.4%

Number 8 receives 3.0%

Number 9 receives 2.8%

Number 10 receives 3.0%


So, this means you are shooting for the NUMERO UNO position!  Anything else is FAILURE.  Your mission is clear, so put on your camis and start fighting!



1.    Every good soldier knows, you need intelligence on your own position and that of the enemy’s so know where you stand before you begin - Do some basic research on your own website and on your competition’s check PageRank, SERP and general site structure.


·         SEODigger – allows you to see which search queries you are ranking in the top 20 Google results for Site and Link queries in Google – example:

·         Site query for Netamorfasis – shows how many pages Google has indexed on your website

·         Link query for Netamorfasis – shows how many links from other web pages to your website Google has indexed for your website

·         Relevance query for Netamorfasis – shows your pages in order of importance to Google

·         [Netamorfasis -linkdomain:url]: Use it to find sites that mention your brand but don’t give you a link. And then ask for the link!

·         Website Grader Report – a free seo tool that measures the marketing effectiveness of a website.

·         SEOCentro Meta Tag Analyzer – This search engine optimization tool analyze not only the Meta Tags but try to use the same spider technology as the search engines spiders them self.

2.    Find your best keywords and knowing how to use them

Tool: SEO Book – Keyword Research Tool

Use variations of your keywords in:

·       Your title tag

·       Your post title

·       Throughout your post (mention them at least 2 times)

·       Use 90-100% relevant keywords

Build Your Infrastructure – No sense in going to war if the men on the frontlines if your army is weak, so make sure that your website is solid before you begin your SEO tasks.

3.    Nix the bells and whistles or FLASH landing page – get some good, solid content on tat homepage about buying and selling homes in your farm area.  Shoot for at least 500 words of pure Google Food!

4.    Optimize your site/marketing for lead conversion – Make sure your home page has graphical links and call to action buttons towards the top of the pages! Use these same buttons or a similar call to action like “Please visit my website at to search 30,000 homes for sale in the San Fernando Valley” in your email footer, in your online profiles and in the footers of each post you publish elsewhere like ActiveRain or Localism.


Real Estate Site Landing Page Optimization: how to get your visitors to contact you

How to generate leads from your real estate blog: we have proof


San Diego Repo List

San Diego Coastal Homes

Judge Fite – Century 21

5.    Use internal and external links in your posts – Assist Google in crawling your website and the web by linking to other pages on your own site and their authority (government, media, high Page Rank) pages on the Internet.

6.    Structuring your blog posts correctly

Formula for a Successful Blog Post

7.    Writing content for humans and search engine – Fear marketing and foreclosures work!  So use basic psychology and popular culture to get your blog read by the people you do business with!  Write posts like: “Princeton NJ Real Estate Deadly Mistakes When Selling a Home” and “Someone Died in the House, What Now?” and “Torrance BPO for Dummies: Understanding the home foreclosure process

      More Resources

The First 30 Days of Blogging

Top 5 Easy and Effective Listing Posts You Can Write for Your Real Estate Blog

Building links effectively and efficiently

·         Start with directories

·         Use social media profile to protect your name and brand and build links back to your real estate website

·         Comment on do-follow blogs

Comment Smart: 5 simple rules to commenting for backlinks to increase PageRank and SERP

·         Write linkbait

Ultimate guide to building backlinks

8.    Arm yourself: Using the right tools – Use the following tools and websites to do spot checks or tweak your direction:

SEO for Firefox

RSS Submit

SEOmoz tools

SEO Chat Tools

9.     Debrief: Analyzing your SEO like a pro so you can track your progress – Do a checkup on your blog once per month to see how you have improved your overall SEO – use the same tools listed in #1 and keep a log of your progress.

10.   SEO Secret: How to turn a reciprocal link into a one-way link with orphan pages! OK.  This one is pretty simple.  You create a page on your server that has a header that is noindex nofollow and you never link to the page, but when you want to submit your site for some reciprocal links for places like BlogCatalog, you give this page as the address of the reciprocal link and you place the link there.  You have literally turned a reciprocal link into a one way link in Google’s eyes.




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Great advice, and tons of it. Many thanks for this. I am now going to spend the afternoon ‘polishing’ up my site. Like the ranking figures too. Thanks once again!

hotel for sale

you have some really good posts here. Im going to spend the next few days reading them. i love your writing style and im really happy to be your fan. keep those posts coming

Ken in Arlington Heights

Some nice tips in there Mary. Pulled a couple new ideas that are worth implementing on my new site.

Jodi Suguitan

Great ideas and links to all the tools that can make it all happen. Thanks for such a comprehensive post!

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