My iPad Excuse

Posted by: Ryan Crozier on December 1st, 2010

This is my first blog post as a contributor on the Home Gain Blog. I appreciate the opportunity
to join the ranks of some of top-notch writers in the real estate industry.

I will admit it… I’m an Apple junkie. I drink the kool-aid and I drink it often. I’m one of those guys that clear my calendar for all the apple press events. I get excited every time I see my friend Steve Jobs walk out on stage with his black t-shirt and jeans.

When Apple announced the iPad I knew it was going revolutionize the tablet market. Of course I had it on pre-order and I rushed home from showing houses that Saturday afternoon to find it sitting nicely on my front porch (thanks FedEx). Of course, sitting on the couch playing with iPad was fun, but I wanted to get out and show it off! So, I whipped it out at my local Starbucks that week. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been interrupted as people stop to ask me “What is that?”, “Is that the new iPad?”, or “How are you liking that iPad?” This one tech gadget is a people magnet!

Each one of these conversations is an opportunity for me to share how I use it and incorporate it into my real estate business. Spending a lot of my time working on my real estate website, I love having my iPad with me at all times for a quick login to work my incoming leads. It’s also a great tool to use during a listing presentation… showing homeowners what exactly we can do to best market their home. I use the Keynote application to walk homeowners through our marketing process and visually show them some of our marketing pieces. It’s also nice to pull up existing homes for sale in their neighborhood with the iPhone app. Clients are quick to realize that we do things differently.

This little fact alone is a good reason for me to buy an iPad. It really depends on your community, but here on the westside of Indianapolis I think I’ve only seen another iPad “out in the wild” a hand-full of times. This gives me a unique opportunity to share it with people for the first time.

Considering many agents spend hundreds & sometimes thousands of dollars just trying to get people to remember their name/picture when it comes time to list their homes for sale… this one gadget has made me more memorable and actually allowed people to have an experience. Do you remember the first time you used an iPod or a cool new piece of technology? I do. I’m able to bring that memory to people by simply enjoying my iPad. (and a coffee!)



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That’s not a “Black T shirt” it’s a black turtle neck with long sleeves. One would expect a self professed fanboy to know that.

I had a guy give me a presentation on an I-pad, and what struck me was that I didn’t recognize it as one, and I asked him “What is that thing?”

This guy was trying to sell me a “Personal Coach” relationship (which I did not buy) and his presentation became just another powerpoint presentation. The iPad lost its novelty in scant seconds (I admit that I am an not agnostic when it comes to Apple, but I can’t quite be called a hater) there’s no real new technology to it. It strikes me as a “Yeah? So?” item that has been around in many forms for many years.

I’m not sure if it was good or it was bad that there was no evidence that he had been here when he left. If I had the papers on my desk after he left it might have been harder to dismiss the logic of his argument.

It’s a tool, like any other tool. It belongs in the toolbox to be used for its specific purpose. You CAN hammer a nail using a Monkey wrench. Make sure you leave people with more than a sensory experience.

Ryan Crozier

Thanks for your comments Dredpiraterobts. Yes, he does wear turtle neck with long sleeves… but it’s still a t-shirt material.

I agree, it’s a good idea to also leave something physical in the hands of the people you meet. In my experience, business cards often get lost… but giving someone an experience is something you don’t forget.


Nice… Wait to find a good excuse to justify the purchase of your Ipad for business use. I like your idea of using the Ipad to be memorable. It really can be a useful tool for real estate too. I’m holding out for the next version as it will only be better.

Alex Cortez

I’m a huge fan of Apple and what they have been doing. I haven’t jumped on the iPad wagon just yet, I’m waiting for wrinkles to get ironed out but I see it as a great tool with tons of potential.

Drep, not sure what you mean about “It strikes me as a “Yeah? So?” item that has been around in many forms for many years.” Sure, cars have been around for a century, does that mean that new features/technologies are not implemented successfully (which hopefully better enhance the user experience)? The same principle would be applicable to the iPad.



You are exactly right!

It’s evolutionary, not revolutionary. Essentially, it’s a larger version of an iPod, seen that done that.

The first time I saw some guy at a meeting write on his laptop computer screen (must be about six or eight years ago now) I was envious as heck! It didn’t matter to me what operating system he would have been using, I wanted that technology (but I’m cheap).

Now my daughter has an HP with the rotating screen that she can write on (into)the software program (Office for example) and she uses it for college.

Is it bigger and heavier than an iPad? Yes. Does it attract a crowd? Depends on the crowd. Can it do more than an iPad can? Yes. Is it “better” than an Ipad? IDK. (IDC)

My point was, I personally wasn’t impressed by what it was or how the guy used it. And “how it’s used” is the biggest part on any technology IMHO. The guy with the write on screen doodled on it once or twice and that was about it. In all probability he, like myself, bought the technology thinking it would make the job easier, but in reality the learning curve and the commitment to implementation often overwhelms the user and the tech winds up on the pile of tech while I chase the next “Labor saving device/contact management software/web based upgrade.”

I can see how the iPad can be used to close on the contact management portion of the business right then and there, “Let me add you to the proper e-mail file, what’s your address? Ok I’m sending you one now with links to three properties that fit what you’re looking for.”

And… “Where? Well here are a few locations we have listings for, let’s do a walkthrough of this one….”

Hardware I think is cool these days includes the Lifescribe pen. (Also in my daughter’s collection) a pen that you use to take notes on a coded pad while it records sounds so that when you go to that spot on your notes you can hear exactly what and how the client/prospect (in her case, the professor) said.

Alex Cortez

Dred, point well taken. Ultimately most users won’t utilize the iPad (or most tech gadgets) anywhere near its full potential. ‘Wow factor’ aside, I can see many practical uses for the iPad, but as I don’t own one yet I can’t speak from experience.

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