HomeGain Office Olympics 2008

Posted by: Angie Kerkman on August 27th, 2008

On Monday, August 18th, 2008 HomeGain.com kicked off its 2nd Annual Office Olympics. Coincidentally it was also the official Summer Olympics this year!

The kick off meeting was held in HomeGain’s Emeryville Employee Lounge, and we had numerous events throughout the week, including:

  • “How Many Pieces of Candy are in the Jar” – each team had to guess how many pieces of candy were in the jar and the closest without going over was the winner.
  • “Word Find” – the contestants were read a question with the answer being the word they needed to find. These questions were based on HomeGain facts or people.
  • “Max needs a Roommate”- each team turned in their Roommate applications as well as a Model Roommate for Max. All teams was giving a bag of supplies and the Ad that Max placed in the paper for a Roommate. Each team then needed to “create” a roommate for Max. As you can see from the picture, Max had a lot of great options!
  • “Paper basketball” – the goal was to get the paper basketballs into the waste paper basket. Each team had one person holding the basket with the others tossing ten paper basketballs into the basket – or at least attempting to get them in the basket! This is an event we also did last year. Since this is an outdoor event sometimes there are issues with the wind, but this year we had nice weather so the wind was not a factor.

We wrapped up Olympic Week with the Closing Ceremonies on Friday, awarding the 1st place team, Team USA, their trophies and also had Root Beer Floats. Receiving the bronze medal was Team Wally and the silver medal was Team Ninjas. Congratulations to all!

Overall it was a very successful 2nd Annual Office Olympics – thanks to all who participated! We look forward to the competition again next year.



2 Comments on “HomeGain Office Olympics 2008”

Mark Eckenrode

is that a photo of the Max judges? i love it

Real Estate Taxi

That is a great idea,LOL! I think I need too bring that up at the next office meeting.


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