HomeGain Home Valuation History – Our New Approach

Posted by: Peter McCullough on April 8th, 2011

As a pioneer in online home valuations, and the company that had the first online home value calculator, HomeGain launched HPX (Home Price Express) in 2002.   That was 9 years ago and the real estate industry has undergone quite a few changes since then. So have HomeGain’s online programs.

In October 2005, HPX went through a facelift and became Source4Sellers. Some of you who have been with us for a while will remember the program. Source4Sellers was, indeed, a program which connected sellers looking for a free home valuation to a real estate professional.

This was the strength of this program and all of HomeGain’s programs. Although many companies have produced a multitude of algorithms and methods of gathering property value information, there will never be a better and more accurate method of finding the current value of a home than having a qualified agent or appraiser determine the value.

As the market declined along with the value of homes, HomeGain realized that fewer and fewer homeowners were looking for home valuations. Most homeowners came to realize that their home had lost value, but many of them did not and do not want to find out how badly. As such, Source4Sellers did not deliver as many sellers as it had done in the past.

In August 2008, HomeGain launched the AgentView program. AgentView is, in the most literal sense, an online marketing program for real estate professionals. The program showcases agents’ listings and hosts a personal real estate blog for each subscriber in a completely exclusive zip code territory in an ad-free environment.

HomeGain competitors have launched similar programs, but those programs do not have the same focus on the agent as does AgentView. For as little as $19.95 per month, an agent presents a professional bio, unlimited listings, buyer and seller tools, free home valuations and the content of their blog posts to online consumers.

Consumers can email or call an agent directly via a toll-free number provided by HomeGain. HomeGain provides tracking data to the agent about the number of page views for each section of the agent’s exclusive area, the number of telephone calls and all related pertinent information.

As we all know, a listing is unique; there is only one property located at a specific street address in a zip code. This unique piece of information is relevant to a buyer searching for active listings in a specific zip code.The resultant effect is that the major search engines will place this listing information high in their search results and provide the agent who posted those listings SEO (Search Engine Optimization) value.

An agent’s blog posts, provided that they have unique, relevant information will have the same positive effect on an agent’s SEO. Since the zip code territories an agent subscribes to are exclusive, this provides the agent the opportunity to present information to the consumer which adds value to their search for listings, home valuations or tips on preparing a home for sale.

The AgentView program reflects HomeGain’s continued ability to respond to shifting market conditions and to offer the real estate community tools to connect it with online consumers, a tradition 12 years old in April 2011.

Call (866) 512-7913 to speak to a HomeGain representative and start your free trial today!

For more information about AgentView and the free trial offer, click here.



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Online Marketing


It is good that Consumers can email or call an agent directly via a toll-free number provided by HomeGain….


Keith Bennett

Thanks for all you do Homegain.

Tom Aikins

There may be some SEO value as you’ve described but it’s debatable. There are many other easy ways to boost your SEO standing with Google and other search engines. You can read about more here: http://www.seonorthamerica.com

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