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Another Year, Another Anniversary!

True story….on the way up to the office this morning, a nice lady held the elevator for me and asked which floor I was headed to. It turns out we were both going to the same floor and she is one of our neighbors. She said to me, “You must be from HomeGain. Wow, you guys are still around huh?”

I replied, “Yes we are still around and in fact, it’s HomeGain’s 12th anniversary today!”

There’s a slight chance I may not have said those exact words, but it really is our anniversary today. Thank you to all of our members and employees for your hard work this past year!



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  1. Kudos HomeGain – You guys rock! Keep up the good work.

  2. 151 mos ago

    Congrats to the Homegain family. By being on the forefront of using technology to best serve clients/customers, Homegain will always ‘still’ be around.

  3. 150 mos, 2 wks ago

    Just saw this… Congrats!! You guys have helped a lot of people and I for one am very glad to be associated with HomeGain!!

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