HomeGain Radio: How a Large Internet Presence Benefits Real Estate Agents

Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on July 11th, 2008

In our exclusive interview with Mike Farmer of Mike Farmer Realty in Savannah, Georgia, Mike describes how expanding his reach on the Internet – from providing content on consumer facing real estate blogs to providing advice to the real estate community online to maintaining his own websites and blog – has changed and grown his business.

Listen in to hear Mike Farmer’s real estate advice:

Highlights of the call:

Mike discusses what he’s experiencing as most challenging in a down market, like the reluctance of home buyers—and how it’s important to educate buyers and sellers on the differences between markets, e.g. between Savannah, Georgia and the West coast or Florida.

Mike describes the changes he’s experienced over the years, from bringing more business online (vs. offline marketing) to how blogging and real estate blogs have boomed.

With 85% of his business coming from the Internet, he gives his advice to other real estate agents on how to have a successful website and online business. He’s expanded his business through blogging – on real estate blogs and consumer facing real estate blogs – and spends a little bit of time every day blogging and getting his name out there since it’s proved so worthwhile so far.

As a newly subscribing AgentEvaluator member, he talks about his early experience and how it’s important to invest time and energy into any program a real estate agent signs up for.

To read Mike Farmer’s blog posts on the HomeGain Blog, click here.

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3 Comments on “HomeGain Radio: How a Large Internet Presence Benefits Real Estate Agents”

Brett Shaw

Educating buyers and sellers in today’s market is very important. A successful online presence is very beneficial to any real estate agent.

mike Farmer

Good God, I sound like the guy on Swing Blade.


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