Top 10 Most Effective Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Agents

Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on March 11th, 2010

How effective are the different marketing options out there for you as a Realtor? What are other Realtors doing that you aren’t…but should be?

Thanks to over 1,300 real estate agents and brokers who completed the HomeGain Realtor Marketing Survey in December 2009 and March 2010, the results are in! HomeGain today announced the survey results for the top most effective marketing methods of Realtors® in a national press release today.

Top 10 Effective Marketing Strategies for Realtors*:

  1. Referrals (Scored 8.7 out of a possible 10)top-10-marketing-strategies1
  2. Featured Listings (4.8)
  3. Email Campaigns (4.7)
  4. Postcards/Mailers (4.6)
  5. Blogging (4.1)
  6. Online Lead Generation Services (4.0)
  7. Facebook (4.0)
  8. LinkedIn (3.6)
  9. Outdoor Ads (3.6)
  10. Print Ads (3.6)

* (Cumulative Average Scores, 1 = Least Effective /10 = Most Effective)


On the survey Realtors indicated that they think getting referrals is the most effective strategy to acquire new clients, with a cumulative overall score of 8.7 out of a possible 10 for effectiveness. Surveyed agents indicated that they will continue to focus on referrals as their leading marketing strategy in 2010.

Featured listings (4.8 effectiveness score) and email campaigns (4.7) were considered the next most effective marketing strategies.

Social Media

The survey shows that Realtors rank YouTube (3.5), Twitter (3.3), banner ads (3.2), pay per click advertising (3.2) and MySpace (3.0) as the least effective marketing methods.

Although Realtors did not indicate Facebook as a top 5 most effective marketing method (scored at 4.9), surveyed agents indicated that they will increase their use of it in their marketing plans in 2010.

2010 Marketing Goals

The survey also shows that in 2010, real estate agents plan to continue to focus on referrals (8.9 score most likely to use), email campaigns (5.7) and featured listings (5.2). They indicated that they will be less likely to invest their marketing dollars and time on Twitter (3.4), outdoor advertising (2.7), banner ads (2.5), pay per click advertising (2.5) and MySpace (2.5).

Top 10 Marketing Objectives for Realtors in 2010**:

1.    Referrals (8.9)
2.    Email Campaigns (5.7)
3.    Postcards/Mailers (5.4)
4.    Featured Listings (5.2)
5.    Facebook (4.9)
6.    Online Lead Generation (4.0)
7.    Print Ads (4.3)
8.    Blogging (4.2)
9.    LinkedIn (4.1)
10.  YouTube (3.5)

**(Cumulative Averages, 1 = Least Likely to Use / 10 = Most Likely to Use)

HomeGain conducts regular surveys of Realtors, including the HomeGain Home Improvement Survey and the quarterly HomeGain Home Prices Survey. The 2010 1st quarter HomeGain Home Prices Survey results will be announced in two weeks.

HomeGain’s AgentView online marketing program provides real estate agents with several of the top 10 most effective marketing practices for reaching potential new home buyers and sellers in an all-in-one, exclusive and ad-free platform.



28 Comments on “Top 10 Most Effective Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Agents”

Heather DeDona

I am using the majority of these strategies, but I also don’t use some of these at all, such as Print Ads. One strategy that is missing that works great for me is face to face networking, and it is fun too!

Albert Clark

Looks like the overall biggest bang for the buck is in creating, incubating and insulating relationships. Our Sponsors have 300K homeowners that they are doing this with..

Gainesville real estate

Very interesting survey! I didn’t think “pay per click” would be so low on Realtor’s lists. Adwords seems to be very popular these days.


Where is Craigslist? I know many realtors that are crushing it with CL. It is great for lead generation.


At RealtyJoin, the social networking site for the real estate industry, we are definitely seeing similar trends. You can’t beat a good referral or reference:


Very good post, thank you

Michel Lautensack

Greta article and I would add simple doing something is always better than doing nothing – so pick one or two out and focus on them and get them going and result will come later but in the begginijng jsut focus on getting stuff done


Michael Sosnowski

I saw the comment on CL and have heard the comments about how this is a great lead generator for some agents. However, I must confess I don’t know any who really develop leads, from this source, on a consistent basis. Why would someone really use CL to search for homes when there are so many better alternatives. What am I missing – if you are a prospective homebuyer, CL is a pain to use.

Robert Worthington

Jessica, I like the results of the survey. My personal best has been direct mailing. From the post I can see more opportunity on areas of the business I can come up with a game plan to drive more sales in the areas I need improvement.

Bill Hernandez

I totally agree with your article. One of the most effective ways I have been able to market myself and get my name out is via social networking sites. I feel that some of this may have to do with the amount of users that browse these sites each day. Anywhere you can place an add and have the most eyes see it the better!

Jonathon Weintraub

How was this survey conducted?

Did you ask agents what was effective, or did they provide you analytics on what was effective? If it was the former, it’s of almost no value as most agents don’t measure the effectiveness, reach or efficiency of their marketing efforts. Of course networking will come up #1, as that is something not provided by the broker!

This is a worthless survey reflecting the attitudes of agents, not effectiveness of marketing. By these standards brokers should be spending all of their ad dollars on free lunches for their agents to network vs. better websites, professional marketing materials, or other collective marketing efforts.

Debi Prosek

I agree with Mike Sosnowski in regards to CL. I tried to use it regularly because my seller’s had been asking for it but it has caused me nothing but grief with the number of e-mails I would receive that had absolutley nothing to do with buyer interest. I also don’t know why a buyer would go this route when there are so many better options out their for them to use and much more efficiently.

I periodically put surveys out at my open houses to determine where people are getting their info from and have found that newspaper ad in our area is still where they buyer is going. Many of them come in with their newspaper in hand. I do think that will change as time goes on and have spent time myself showing my buyer’s where to go and how to use it but much of the older generation is not there yet.

Lastly, I find seller’s are not happy unless you are doing all of it so if something just does not work you really need to educate them on that.

Mary The Philippine Real Estate Expert

You can add “hiring an seasoned internet marketer” to these 10 strategies too. They really know how to get those qualified leads to you.

Nathan indianapolis

You highlight Very Awesome 10 Benefits marketing , Thanks for sharing the Wonderful Post …..

Philippine Real Estates

No doubt referrals are on top, that’s where they got their money.

Sunshine Coast real estate

I read them all they were really applied and actually works in the field of marketing. Marketing is the field where you can prosper very quickly only if you are smart worker.

Vincent Medina

Great Marketing for Realtors in Los Angeles… keep up the great work.


Top Realtors

Referrals and sphere of influence are obviously key, I would rank facebook a bit higher (but this is just another way to access your sphere anyways) – Craigslist is waaaay more effective than youtube or linkedin by the way!

Top Realtors

Marketing Survival Kit

Email marketing seems like a powerful tool, especially if the list is comprised of active house hunters who specifically requested to get email alerts about new listings or reduced listings.

Land for Sale St Lucia

Thanks for sharing Jessica. Very interesting statistics on what real estate marketing strategies generate the best results.

daventry estate agents

I will apply all your suggestions and let’s see if it works.

leeds estate agents

Some of these strategies we’ve been using already but we still have to use the other tactics.

Salt lake city real estate agent

My sister is real estate agent and I think she will be so happy if she will going to have this post. She really needs these marketing strategies to be a better agent.

Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

It is important that you know how you work best, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and how you deal with pressure. You must also understand whether you work best with other Realtors or on your own. It is quite difficult to be a successful Realtor when you don’t exactly know your business.

kim yalung

i’m a real estate agent in philippines. Would you please help me to know more strategies? Because in our company we are almost 200 agents thats why i cant find prospects. Tnx.

online marketing services

Hey outstanding website! Does running a blog such as this take a large amount of work?

I’ve absolutely no understanding of computer programming however I had been hoping to start my own blog soon. Anyways, if you have any suggestions or tips for new blog owners please share. I understand this is off topic nevertheless I just had to ask. Thank you!

Mark Turcotte

Great information, thanks so much.


MARG ProperTies

I feel online lead generation services, email campaign and the brochures is now been awesome for real estate marketing.

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