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All real estate members of HomeGain’s online marketing product, AgentView, are part of the HomeGain “Agent Blogging Network“.

The Agent Blogging Network consists of:

1. Blogs posted by AgentView members.

2. Blogs appearing on the HomeGain Real Estate  Blog (Guest Bloggers by invitation only)

3. Blogs posted by HomeGain Nation members on the HomeGain Nation Blog. This exclusive blog is by invitation only. If you haven’t been invited yet, email us.

The HomeGain Agent Blogging network members  can download the HomeGain Agent Blogging Network logo (shown here) by right clicking on the image and saving it to your computer. Place it on your website and/or other sites or blogs and hyperlink it to your Agent Blog to drive additional traffic to it.


Why is this important? Letting people know about your Agent Blog and driving more traffic to it helps give more exposure to valuable information you have already written. The more people who know about your blog, the more likely they will come to you with questions, as well as tell others about you.

Remember to post regularly to your Agent Blog for maximum results!

Questions? Call HomeGain Client Services at (866) 512-7918 or email us.

Are you doing everything you can to succeed on AgentView?

In a recent study of AgentView subscribers, we looked at those agents who have uploaded featured listings and blog posts versus those agents who have not.

  1. Agents with more than 1 listing had an average of over 30% more visits to their AgentView pages and 10 TIMES as many visits back to their own web pages.
  2. Agents with 1 or more blog posts had an average of over 50% more visits to their AgentView pages.
  3. Agents with at least 1 blog post AND 1 listing had an average of 2 TIMES the amount of visitors, half the cost per impression AND 25% more contacts from consumers than those agents without blog posts or listings!

Listen to an agent explain the importance of blogging and listings.*

Do you need help uploading listings?
You can enter listings directly into the listings management tool or send an XML feed to HomeGain that has your listings information. XML is the easiest way to have updated listings on HomeGain since it displays the listing information as presented on your website. Only one place to update data!

Don’t have home listings? Many AgentView customers partner with their broker or other agents to display listings. Remember, an AgentView customer always has their name and contact information displayed.

Do you need help uploading a blog post? You can now enter blog posts manually or by using an RSS feed. Blog posts can be entered through the “my account” page or updated automatically trough the use of a standardized RSS feed.

Login into your AgentView account now to upload a blog post, listing or update your contact details.


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