Owe vs. Rent?

Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on February 12th, 2011

With the economy uncertain, but interest rates low and foreclosures still making up a large percentage of available inventory, what do real estate professionals think about homeownership for their clients?

What do potential homeowners think?

Is homeownership still the best investment?

Are home prices going up or down?

Louis Cammarosano



4 Comments on “Owe vs. Rent?”


Investing in a home is a big decision, but can be a great investment if the right steps are taken. First, make sure to know the market. Do not just invest in a city because you like it, know the area and trends to ensure properties are perform. Second, know your limits. Sit down and get to know your financials so you can create a budget that is feasible. The worst move for a homebuyer is to purchase a property that is out of their financial reality.

Robert Worthington

There is nothing wrong with renting. Renting is hot right now in South Florida. As for homeownership, it’s all a good choice, but most buyers are not aware of the “juice” involved in buying a home.


It’s pretty tough for anyone to predict the future accurately. So we don’t know if prices or rates will get any lower or start to rise. What we do know is that prices are down and interest rates are low. Those are 2 good reasons to buy now.

Sean Pearson

Right now is a great time to rent if the market in your area is still on the decline. Otherwise you are not going to see rates below 5% forever. Get into a new home now while it is still affordable.


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