HomeGain Releases 2012 Texas Home Ownership Satisfaction Survey Results

Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on February 3rd, 2012

Earlier this week, HomeGain, one of the first companies to provide free instant home valuations online, announced the results of its 2012 National Home Ownership Satisfaction Survey. Homeowners were asked whether they were satisfied with owning a home and whether price appreciation or depreciation was a factor. Over 1,400 home owners from across the nation were surveyed. The complete 2012 national results were published on this blog.

Earlier this week we released the results of the California home ownership satisfaction, the Florida home ownership satisfaction and the Illinois home ownership satisfaction surveys.

Today we are releasing the Texas home ownership satisfaction survey results. Next week we will also announce the results from New York.

The complete Texas results can be found below. Click on a question to jump to the results:

  1. Overall, are you satisfied with home ownership?
  2. When did you purchase your home?
  3. What was the value of your home when you purchased it?
  4. What type of home did you purchase?
  5. What is your age?

Question 1:

Question 1a:

Question 1b:

Commentary from home owners who indicated price appreciation was not the primary reason they are unsatisfied with home ownership:

“Better than paying rent.”

“The mere sense of ownership is reason enough. I cannot ever see myself paying someone else to have this type of satisfaction and not me.”

“I am free to change anything to the way I want it. I have property to enjoy with family.”

“Tax advantage and extra rental income.”

“It’s an investment. Privacy.”

“We know that our hard earned money is going toward something we own and can do what we like to it. Apartment renting, not so much.”

“Ability to decorate, improve, and modify the home without anybody else’s permission. Peace and quiet not found in apartment or townhome living.”

“Not having to deal with pesky tenants, being able to live how you want in the privacy of your own home. Being able to raise my chidlren in a safe environment where they don’t have to play around a bunch of traffic.”

“Nice to not have to worry about making rent payments and dealing with landlords.”

“It is like putting money in the bank every month instead of rent and not getting a dime back.”

“It’s mine, free & clear…except for taxes!”

Commentary from home owners who indicated price depreciation was not the primary reason they are unsatisfied with home ownership:

“costly repairs, difficulty moving when you want to, being stuck.”

“Here in TX property tax is the highest in the whole south. I lived in FL and LA and both are 80 & 60 percent cheaper. MS and AL are also cheaper than Texas.”

“High property taxes and maintenance costs are prohibitive to ownership.”

“1. I am not happy with the HOA 2. I need more space 3. The home value.”

Question 2:

Question 3:

Question 4:

Question 5:



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