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8 Inventive Ways to Repurpose Old Furniture

If you’re anything like me, decorating is too fun to ever commit to one thing for too long. So how do you keep up with changing trends and fun new projects without spending a fortune? Repurposing furniture is a great way to keep things new without breaking the bank or creating a pile of unwanted junk.

With the explosion of decorating shows, blogs and Pinterest boards, I find myself drooling over a new project every week (okay, every day). Here are some of my favorite furniture re-dos:

Love to hit the flea market for cool furniture but then realize you don’t actually need seven different coffee tables? With a little lumberjack ingenuity and a fresh coat of paint, you can create a totally unique and visually interesting built-in bookshelf! The more styles you mixed-and-match, the better!

If you haven’t yet seen one of these adorable furniture-turned-play-kitchen redos that are taking the Internet by storm, you probably live under a rock. This is a great way to create a personalized play kitchen that is sure to hold a lot more sentimental value (and last a lot longer) than the store-bought plastic variety.

I love when I see someone taking something totally ordinary and doing something genius with it. Wine rack as a pretty towel holder? How did I never think of that before!

As any die-hard shoe addict will tell you, their shoe collection is far too beautiful to be relegated to some dingy, poorly lit corner of a closet. Shoes are practically art, after all, so why not treat them as such? China cabinet-turned-shoe rack? Simply genius. Best part? It keeps them organized and easy to reach!

One of the most important rites of passage for parents, especially first timers, is the purchase of the most perfect and beautiful crib for their soon-to-be-child. But what do you do with it once they’ve outgrown it? I’ve seen some pretty fantastic crib transformations but my favorite by far is turning it into a crafts area for toddlers. What a fun way to repurpose a large investment into something that will last well beyond its intended years!

Kids are notorious for leaving their bedrooms and play areas a mess. So one genius mom decided to hack an old, sad armoire into a fun and delightful costume display that has inspired her daughter to keep her dresses, hats, jewelry and gloves neat and orderly. It’s so fun I almost want to make one for my grown-up clothes!

Not a big DIY-er? Try this totally simple and easy furniture spruce up that makes an amazingly interesting visual display. Any old ladder will do. In fact, the more beat up it is, the more fun it will look. Add a few pieces of wood or glass and… voila! Instant shelving unit!

This is by far the easiest project on the list and one of my favorites! You know that outdated, heavy wooden dresser you just can’t figure out how to make cute again? Ditch the frame but keep the drawers. Paint them a cheery color, add some patterns to the bottom and then stack them to make a funky one-of-a-kind display case!
Bio: Andrea is all about green living. She loves being able to let her imagination run wild when coming up with new ideas for old pieces of furniture. When she isn’t busy “upcycling” old décor, she likes to write blogs for Agave Ranch Rustic Furniture in San Antonio whose collection of reclaimed furniture is an inspiration to her own efforts in furniture recycling.



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    This is definitely a result of creative brainwork.How about changing your broken chair into a classy laptop stand!

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    Those are very innovative ideas! Especially the crib turned into crafts area. Not only it is ingenious, it is cost-efficient as well.

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    Dropping by here on your blogs is a great pleasure and there’s a lot of interesting ideas about old furniture!!

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