Using AgentEvaluator to Win More Deals

Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on April 23rd, 2008

Helping You Compete In Your Market

Competition in some HomeGain markets can be challenging. To succeed, an agent must effectively differentiate themselves or potential clients won’t select them to be their agent.

Unless a homebuyer or seller is directly referred to you in the offline world, it is likely their first impression of you will be your picture, name, a tag line, and maybe another detail or two which they saw on a mailer or another ad source.

Every day and in every market, potential buyers or sellers receive far more similar invitations to do business with you and your competitors than the number they receive when seeking an agent through HomeGain.

While these ad-based marketing methods can be effective (or you wouldn’t use them), they don’t allow you to really differentiate the value of your services from that of your competition, to comprehensively market your services, or to tell a potential client what you can do to meet their specific needs.

Unlike much of offline real estate marketing, HomeGain’s marketing program, AgentEvaluator, gives you the opportunity to provide potential clients with substantive information about you and your business with your very first contact.

Through it you can detail how you can meet their real estate needs and offer reasons why you are the best agent to help them buy or sell a home.

Instead of relying on a photo and tagline to attract customers, AgentEvaluator gives you the chance to describe, in detail, the real value you can provide the potential client and to offer them every bit of information they need to select you as their agent.

In the offline world you usually do not have this opportunity, because you usually do not control the client’s first exposure to your services; in fact, you frequently don’t even know it happened.

A powerful proposal incorporates the best of your offline sales presentation skills into an online format that helps you acquire more clients in a shorter time.

Those agents who thrive on HomeGain are those who are best able to translate these skills into the proposals they submit to their potential HomeGain clients.



One Response on “Using AgentEvaluator to Win More Deals”

Louis Cammarosano

I might add, with Agent Evaluator, not only do you have the opportunity to control your first exposure to potential clients, they have INVITED you to do so.

When a consumer fills out an agent evaluator proposal form, they want ONE THING – to find a great realtor.

There is no other reason for the consumer to fill out the form.

You blow a great opportunity by merely sending out a non customized proposal as we know from our surveys of customers, they want customized ones.

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