Resolve to Seize Opportunities

Posted by: Ryan Ward on January 8th, 2009

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions – at least not in the traditional sense that many of us think of. Instead, I find it more productive to set goals. Some are general, some specific. For example, it wouldn’t be wise to set a resolution to get more closings in 2009. That’s not going to actually help me achieve more closings that I actually seek.

Instead, I look back to see what I might have done wrong in the past and resolve to improve. For me, this would be that I don’t think that I seized on many of the opportunities to turn leads into clients and clients into closings. Considering the real estate climate last year and the likelihood that it will continue well in to 2009 or longer, I consider making the most out of each and every opportunity the highest priority for 2009.

In other words, conversion.

For many, 2008 was a transitional year while others laid the foundation for a successful career for years to come. Wherever you may be in your career, it’s time to put 2008 behind us and be prepared to seize all opportunities that present themselves to us in the upcoming year. To do this successfully, we need to be prepared.

Preparation comes in many forms – sharpening skills, improving scripts, learning new lead generating techniques, understanding market conditions, treating our business like a business, implementing systems, upgrading websites, creating follow up plans, etc…

Whatever your resolution to improve for the New Year, the most important thing you can do is be ready to attack opportunities the way a shark goes after its prey.

With fewer total transactions, it becomes more important than ever to make the most out of each attempt.

There can be no hesitation. In a market still oversaturated with real estate agents, opportunities to work with clients must be seized. Gone are the days where home buyers seemingly came out of nowhere at an open house to buy your listing and sellers are more hesitant than ever to place their home on the market. So as the year begins, I have set a personal and team goal to treat each and every potential new client as it may be the last one we get for the year.

In this coming year, I have resolved to improve our follow up with potential clients, create systems that track the progress of clients, improve the quality of each and every photograph that a buyer might view of one of my home listings and find new ways to give these potential new clients a reason to come back to me rather than to another agent.

Have you set obtainable resolutions and if so, what are they?




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