My Day with Max, the HomeGain Gorilla

Posted by: Nicole Nicolay on March 19th, 2008

After many months of waiting, Max, the HomeGain Gorilla, agreed to meet and spend the day with me. The plan: to uncover the life of a spokes-gorilla and learn more about our friend Max (no monkey business).

I was able to catch Max in between press appearances. Max and I took the HomeGain Jet to an undisclosed location and began our day at the local Starbucks, where we casually discussed his HomeGain role, thoughts on blogging, agent tips for this market, etc.

I briefly mentioned that I’m looking to make the most of this market and have been considering options for moving up. Max gladly booted up his laptop and showed me how to utilize the tools on HomeGain to estimate my home’s value. We also contacted an agent and found a couple of great listings in my area. Max even accompanied me to an open house.

Anyway, here’s the skinny on Max:

(1) How did you become the spokes-gorilla for HomeGain?

I was an out of work character actor looking for some work to pay the bills. I got a call from my agent, whom I hadn’t heard from in months, and he told me there was a Realtor® trade show in Las Vegas where an online company named HomeGain needed a mascot to help them charm the real estate agents. I didn’t expect either the overwhelming reaction I got in Las Vegas or the invitation that HomeGain extended to me to be a permanent part of their marketing plans.

(2) Did HomeGain help you find a home in the Bay Area? If so how?

I was homeless before the HomeGain gig, well not really, I was living with my parents near the San Francisco Zoo, ok, IN the San Francisco Zoo. Since becoming a minor celebrity, I’ve been looking for permanent residence on the outside. I sent in a proposal this morning through HomeGain’s Find A Realtor® tool and started to get back some interesting responses of Realtors whom I hope will help me find my dream home. I am finding that even tree houses are expensive in San Francisco!

(3) How do you feel about sharing the HomeGain spotlight with all your new guest bloggers?

Well, I don’t really share the spot light. The bloggers, like yourself, are people and they are literate. I am just a gorilla.

(4) Do you have any plans of blogging yourself? (I’ve heard you are not a big fan of computer keyboards and SEO benefits, can you weigh in on those topics?)

Blogging is good if it draws people to HomeGain. But then again, that’s my job too so there is a bit of a conflict. I suppose I would be most effective if I started blogging then I would be twice as useful to HomeGain. Problem is I can’t type with these clumsy hands of mine. And yes I am not a fan of SEO. In fact, one of my mottos is SNE -See No Evil so you are right SEO or See Evil Only doesn’t work for me.

(5) What are your top 3 tips for real estate agents striving to make the most in this market?

Location, Location, Location

(6) Will you be making an appearance at any upcoming real estate events?

Yes, but you will have to check with my agent for scheduling.

On a more personal note…your fans are dying to know:

(1) Do you share your home with a girlfriend or wife?

I am solo at the moment and looking for a gorilla to spend some time with.

What are you looking for in a primate? You know the same thing that most gorillas my age are interested in – nice hairy legs, a big pair of beautiful eyes and a wide smile.

(2) Do you have a regular Bay Area hangout?

Yes, HomeGain.

(3) How do you do you like your bananas?Straight up, fried, glazed, blended, etc.

I am not big on bananas. I prefer warm coconut milk and jelly beans.

Anything else you’d like to share:

Thanks for taking me to Starbucks. I don’t think they would have let me in here without you!

To see more of our day, click here to watch the video.

For all things Max, click on the “Max” category (shown on the right under “Max” in the blog categories)!



10 Comments on “My Day with Max, the HomeGain Gorilla”

Jay Thompson


Stephen Fells

“I’m not big on banana’s” – hilarious. :)

Mark Wayman

I hope there’s no monkey business…

joseph ferrara.sellsius

That lucky ape.


What can I say…that Gorilla knows how to roll. He was surprisingly polite…not very talkative…and a hit with the kids. But once word got out that an orange gorilla was frequenting open houses and Starbucks in the area…we quickly ended our day.

Peggy Boehm

Dear Max,

Great interview. I wish HomeGain could figure out a way to clone you. The ladies were all standing in line in Las Vegas clamoring to take you home with them. You might want to consider hiding out while we are in Orlando at NAR next November.

Maybe Mickey Mouse would agree to give you shelter. You might want to give him a call.

Jessica G

It’s not always all that easy talking to Max one-on-one, I understand from first-hand experience. Brilliant guy, but sometimes a little unresponsive. You did a great job.

Bill Gassett

What a great interview…much better personality than most Realtors – Really knows when to speak and when to just plain listen :)

Missy Caulk

Best interview I have read in a long time. The video was great.

Glenn Ginsburg

Great interview and he is an adorable little guy. You should have asked him if he met the Geiko and how he saw his competition.

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