5 Fall Lawn Care Tips to Keep Green Grass All Through Autumn

Posted by: Erin Everhart on December 3rd, 2012

Fall has the ideal conditions for your lawn: warm days and cool nights, morning dew, and more rainfall. But even with these forces in Mother Nature working together, there are still things you need to do to recover your grass from summer damage and supply it with the nutrients it needs for growth.

Know Your Grass

There are two types of turf: cool-season grasses, like Kentucky blue grass, which thrives in cool weather and warm-season grasses, like Bermuda grass, which grow during the spring and summer months. Before you map out your fall lawn care schedule, you need to know which one you’re working with.

Cool-season grasses

  • Need enough water to keep growing all winter long
  • Apply 1 pound of nitrogen fertilizer per 1,000 square feet

Warm season-grasses

  • Avoid fertilizing in the fall
  • Overseed with annual winter ryegrass

Use the Right Fertilizer

When you fertilizer will depend on your grass type, but there is a difference in fall and spring fertilizers. Scott’s WinterGuard is some of the best fall lawn fertilizer I’ve used but regardless of the brand, get a fertilizer that are high in nitrogen and potassium and low in phosphorus. Also, I know it’s tempting, but don’t skimp on your fertilizer. Spend the extra couple of dollars on a higher quality.

Use Supplements

Just because the weather is cooler doesn’t mean you don’t have to water in often, and water restrictions still apply all winter long. Your lawn will also lose nutrients faster during the cooler months, so supplement your fertilizer with a conditioner that will help keep in water and nutrients. I used Soil2O, a soil amendment from GelTech Solutions, last year. You simply mix it water and apply it the top of your lawn. It allowed me to cut back on watering by allow my grass to hold in more water at a time.

Rake Up Your Leaves

Fall isn’t complete without the colors changing and leaves falling, and while the sight is something to behold, it can cause some serious damage to your lawn. Leaves will smother your grass by not allowing enough sunlight to get to the root zone. Rake them up, and once your kids have jumped in them, put them in your compost pile.

Keep Mowing

Your lawn needs to be mowed until it stops growing, and the biggest mistake people make is thinking grass doesn’t grow during the fall. For cool-season grasses, no height adjustment is needed. For warm-season grasses, adjust the height by ½ inch to account for the dormant season.



3 Comments on “5 Fall Lawn Care Tips to Keep Green Grass All Through Autumn”

Jasmine Williams

Nice post……… I agree with your views for related to fall lawn care tips. I think Continue to cut grass but only down to 2 inches as the shortest height to prevent killing the grass.

Watering can be minimised but make sure the lawn gets about an inch of water each week via rain or hose.You can fertilize the lawn once this fall but it will stop taking in the nutrients soon to prepare for the winter and snow. Overseeding of the lawn will help to fill in areas where the grass may not have fared well through the heat of the summer.
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Chris Norris

If a lawn is beautiful it will enhance the beauty of the house far more better. Always keep the lawn clean in a regular interval of time.

Sprinkler Buddy

Maintain your irrigation system as needed, a little maintenance can save you time, money, and water.

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