10 Reasons NOT to Add Podcasts to Your Blog

Posted by: Nicole Nicolay on June 15th, 2008

You really shouldn’t try podcasting. Why bother? Tech-savvy youngsters are the only ones downloading files from iTunes. And, that’s exactly what you should believe. Please ignore reports from comScore Networks that indicate 35-54 year olds makeup a sizable portion of podcast listeners.

Apparently, many top podcasts are in the business and educational genres and appeal to the more educated and higher-income consumer segments. But that should be of no interest to you…because you don’t need to podcast.

You’re a real estate agent, not a radio broadcaster. You need to spend your time in the field with your clients. Don’t bog yourself down with a phenomenal social media tool that can spread your message, your brand, and your expertise like wildfire.

And here are 10 more reasons why you should absolutely, positively, NOT add podcasting to your real estate blog:

  1. Don’t do it….you will increase your online visibility.
  2. Don’t do it….you can gain a new audience for your blog.
  3. Don’t do it….you can strengthen the community bond with your current audience.
  4. Don’t do it….it may show off your expertise to your target market.
  5. Don’t do it….it will enhance your message delivery and existing content.
  6. Don’t do it….you can provide content for people on the go. (via iPods)
  7. Don’t do it….people can listen and learn, over and over and over.
  8. Don’t do it….people can easily share it with their colleagues, friends, and clients.
  9. Don’t do it….you will increase your brand perception and customer service level.
  10. Don’t do it….it’s an affordable social media option.

Well, if I’ve failed to convince you that podcasting is a waste of your time then perhaps you should head over to MyTechOpinion and listen to How to Add Podcasting to Your Real Estate Blog.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!



8 Comments on “10 Reasons NOT to Add Podcasts to Your Blog”

louis cammarosano

Thanks for the introduction to podcasting.If somehow,you didn’t convince people not to try it, the HOW TO on your site is great instruction

Scott Roemermann

It looks super easy to add audio podcasting using PodPress. Does PodPress accommodate video podcasting just as easily? And is there a way to incorporate the use of video sharing sites.


Louis- Don’t do it.

Scott- Yes, PodPress also makes incorporating video just as easy. You can easily upload video to your podcast folder in your root directory (just like audio podcasts). As for video sharing sites like YouTube, there are plugins for WordPress that help you share all your favorite YouTube videos on your blog. (ex:http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/smart-youtube/)

Ken Smith

Thanks for the link to the “how to”.

Steve O Sullivan

Thanks NikNik,
Please all you agents reading this, don’t podcast. It just leaves more businesss for my clients. (There seems to be a sarcastic tone to this, eh? )

Steve O


Sarcasm….I have no idea what you are talking about. I’m just so tired of all this podcasting hype. So I thought I’d save everyone some time and effort. :)

joseph ferrara

That does it, I’m not podcasting. not

cedar city real estate

That was a very interesting post. It really got my attention to want me to keep reading more. Thank you for all of the good information.

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