HomeGain Celebrates Earth Day 2010

Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on April 22nd, 2010

To celebrate Earth Day today, HomeGain is delighted to share feedback, comments and participation from real estate agents across the country who support and practice Green real estate.

Today we published a press release for the Top 9 Green Home Improvements for Home Sellers.tree-planet-earth-day

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Agents Practicing Green

  • Do everything possible via laptop and avoid paperwork. We now have a lawyer to ratify the contract and have the bank accept a scanned copy of the contract instead of over-nighting approved original offer.
  • We work hard to keep printed paper to a minimum. Email and scanning is wonderful!
    Our office is hosting a shredding day and e-waste event. We also recycle bottles and cans and we re-use paper in the fax machine. We also turn out the lights when they are not in use.
  • My office is near paperless due to a Tablet PC.
  • I became a Certified EcoProfessional. I changed the way I live, where I buy my food, Greened my real estate business and also buy electricity generated by wind.
  • I use the back of all printed listings as scrap paper for call notes, to do lists, grocery lists.
  • We have unplugged all non used electrical items so we are not wasting any trickle charges to unused appliances, lamps, motors, etc.
  • “I am providing a paperless business model to my clients. Every document is signed on my computer and all the files are in PDF format. How’s that for lessening our carbon footprint!”- Jaime Sparks
  • I have planted a home garden, walk when possible, and reuse items or donate them to charities.
  • I limit use of plastic products. Use green cleaning products.
  • I provide pure green home cleaning products to all my clients who buy homes from me.
  • Use less of everything…water, paper, fuel etc.
  • “I started a new business where I am helping small business owners earn their green business certification from the county. I’m also a certified EcoBroker!”
  • Promoting “Got Bag?” a campaign designed to remind us to use those recyclable bags!
  • “I reuse plastic zip lock bags (which are washable) over and over again before discarding them.” – Tina Longobart, RODEO REALTY, Encino, CA
  • We have switched from virgin paper to 30% recycled. We are also starting to convert most of our files to digital files.
  • I don’t buy plastic trash bags, I use the ones I get from shopping anywhere. I use reusable shopping bag when grocery shopping.
  • Help start or improve ways that you and your clients search for green features in the MLS or on sites like HomeGain.
  • I was one of the first EcoBroker’s in Washington state. I don’t use paper flyers in my flyerbox. Instead, I do a beautiful online flyer, which can be sent to any prospective buyer. Not only does this save trees but it also looks very professional.
  • I upgraded my A/C to green efficient. I changed all my light bulbs to the more efficient bulbs.
    “I was a landscape designer before becoming a Realtor. I could say I’ve planted over 1000 trees and still counting.” – Connie Pepenella, SI, NY
  • I have a CFL in my desk lamp!
  • Recycle all paper products. Use recycled paper and cards. Use shopping bags.
  • I purchased a car that gets over 50 mpg!
  • I copy on both sides of the paper whenever possible.
  • I recycle all bottles!
  • I’m composting all left-over food!




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