5 GREEN Real Estate Tips

Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on May 28th, 2009

Since we launched the HomeGain Green Real Estate Campaign last month, I’ve been working with (and learning from) Realtors who are Greening their business and marketing green homes, including Jeffrey Bastress of StartPoint Realty in MA — who, by the way, did an amazing webinar for us in April in anticipation of Earth Day.

The word is out on Green Real Estate. More people are becoming green conscious and, for the sake of business, as Realtors, it may be in our best interest to be able to work with home buyers and sellers who have the environment in mind, even if being Green doesn’t inspire you personally.

One particular blog post I’ve read recently is on Y.I.M.S Blog and it says:“Going Green is not just a buzzword but a movement that is being forged in the forefront of consumer’s minds, as more and more Americans think greener about their purchasing decisions.” He hits it on the nose. Green is starting to influence how consumers purchase real estate. It’s already having an impact on many of us in real estate.

Being able to effectively market green homes to sell for your homeowners or to help home buyers find homes that fit their Green criteria may take some preparation. If you aren’t Green designated, you might want to consider getting that under your belt. It doesn’t take long to complete the course (whichever one you choose) and it’s certainly affordable.

For now, however, to get you started about thinking about going Green, here are…

5 GREEN tips for Realtors®:

  1. Practice What You PreachLead by example and people will follow. You can’t say you are an ambassador of making more eco-friendly choices when you don’t make any for yourself, your business or office.

  2. Incorporate Green Into Your BrandAny Green certification should be added to all of your marketing –- your website, blog, business cards, collateral, proposals, etc. Display your certification proudly and loudly. This way you will connect with anyone who is Green conscious, or appeals to people who may like the idea of being Green.

  3. Become the Go-to Green Source for Local Media — Write frequent blog posts or articles and publish it online so that you can attract not only home buyers and sellers but industry folks, reporters, and Green interest groups. It builds credibility, and you could increase website traffic by getting picked up with Green keywords. Any additional exposure you can get is great for business!

  4. Develop a Green Marketing Budget — Think about ways to roll out your new message, brand and campaign. Plan it out well and start out on a small scale, so that you can test the waters before investing more money. Leverage other agents and your local Realtor association. Network in Green real estate communities and social media sites, which doesn’t cost you anything.

  5. Grow Your Business Where There is Green ClienteleSelect and target your audience in surrounding areas or neighborhoods where you know there is a larger population of green conscientious people or people who may be more prone to environmentally-friendly causes.

For more Green tips for REALTORS, visit HomeGain’s Green Real Estate page.



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Portland Real Estate

Thanks for the tips. These ideas have been rolling around in my head for a while as I have been trying to find ways to make the office a little greener around here and try to do exactly that: practice what I preach.

Apartments Chennai

Amazing info i found on your article.It is useful for new beginers in real estate.Thanks to author.

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