Why Buy a Home During the Christmas Season?

Posted by: Mitch Ribak on December 18th, 2009

I’m in my fifth year of owning my brokerage and every December seems to have the same outcome.  We sell tons of homes all year long, and then the Christmas Season comes along and home sales slow to a crawl.  It’s been this way year in and year out.

wreathThe other day I was thinking about this subject as our normal December takes place.  Yes, it’s a typical December.  Half my real estate agents are on vacation or going on vacation and most of our buyers are coming into town in January or February.

I thought to myself, this is really the best time to buy a home, isn’t it?

Let’s think about it logically.  Selling homes in the current market has been a challenge to say the least.  However, the best priced homes always have multiple offers because everybody is looking for the deal!

Most of the homes we have under contract this month are great deals with very low prices…not so great for my brokerage, but great for the customer.

It dawned on me as I tried to figure this out, why are we having so many low priced homes all of the sudden?  The answer popped out like a rocket.  These homes are under contract because nobody else is out buying homes right now…they are all waiting!

The homes we currently have under contract are usually homes that would receive 10+ offers but at this time of year, there are  no other offers.

So why is this a benefit to home buyers out there this month?

The answer is simple.

With less buyers buying and homeowners not selling, the sellers get a little more desperate and realistic.  Let’s face it, their home has most likely been on the market for a bit and they want to sell.

This is a great time to be able to throw an offer on the table, within reason of course, and possibly have the seller bite.  Sellers usually get nervous when very few people walk in the door.

Yes, it’s the perfect time to buy a home.



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