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Smartphone Apps Every New Homeowner Should Have

Smartphone applications are meant to help us better manage our lives, and our home lives are no exception. As a new homeowner, you’ll be extra busy moving in, getting organized, and fixing up and decorating your new space. Try using some of these homeowner phone apps to help streamline the moving process and to manage your new household by keeping on top of organization, home maintenance, and design ideas.

Apps for moving:

Moving Van by Glimmer Design Limited. Get organized before your move and help make the moving process seamless with Moving Van. This application lets you take a picture of the contents of each box and assign that box to a room in the new house, allowing users to easily look up and locate each item they’re looking for after the move. This app works equally well for locating items in storage and well-packed closets or garages. Available for iOS only.

Moving Van by Glimmer Design Limited

Photo Measures Lite by Big Blue Pixel. This application uses photos to record measurements of spaces around the home. Simply snap a picture and then record the measurements you need right on top of the photo. Use your measurements to see if furniture will fit into the intended spaces, to order supplies for home improvement and repair projects, or to calculate and record the square footage of spaces. While this app was developed for iOS, there a similar app was created for Android by Mobile Software called My Measures and Dimensions Lite.

Photo Measures Lite by Big Blue Pixel

Apps for home maintenance and repair:

Home Maintenance by POJO Software puts all of your regular home maintenance items on a schedule and sends you reminders when maintenance is due. You can also keep track of the date and costs of purchases and repairs, including details about the purchase of your home. You can use this app to track the upkeep of second homes and rental units too. Available for iOS only. For Android try the similar Home Maintenance Scheduler by Cooloy.com.

Home Maintenance by POJO Software

DIY Toolbox by Daydreemin helps you manage any big or small home improvement project. In addition to calculating the cost of supplies, you can create materials lists, record and convert measurements, and even estimate the amount of paint, flooring, concrete, or gravel you’ll need to fill a designated space. Available for iOS only.

DIY Toolbox by Daydreemin

Apps for decorating:

Color Change by Indivigital is a great way to try different paint color samples without the work or mess. This app lets you see what a wall, room, or any surface would look like in a different color, simply by snapping a photo of the existing space.

Color Change by Indivigital

Try pairing Color Change with Color Capture by Benjamin Moore, which allows you to use a hue from any photo to find a matching Benjamin Moore paint color. Both apps are available for iOS only.

Color Capture by Benjamin Moore

Houzz Interior Design Ideas by Houzz.com. Looking for great design ideas for your new space? Use the Houzz.com app to browse the internet’s largest database of interior design photos and bookmark your favorite inspirations. Organize and save photos of your favorite spaces and design ideas for easy access, and even find a local designer to bring your design dreams to reality. Be sure to visit Case Indy’s Houzz profile to view many of our home remodeling projects. While this app is currently available only for iOS, a similar app for Android is under development.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas by Houzz.com

About the author: Jennifer Riley Simone works at Case Remodeling Indy. She writes about home remodeling services to help homeowners follow trends and make sound decisions when it comes to planning their own home updates.



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  1. Great post all apps are very nice, very informative article, Description of each and every app will help some to know that how to use these apps, Great work.
    Ben Koshkin Director  BD Texas Development

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    Wow, these smart phone apps are really smart! Harnessing the power of technology to work smartly for you…hhmm now why didn’t I think about it. I always thought that most phone apps are only good for Facebook and other social media sites but your post gave me a new perspective on technology. Thanks…

  6. 127 mos, 3 wks ago

    Photo Measures is an ingenious idea. It might even be just as functional to take pictures of your furniture and sort of use it in reverse. It just seems like most of the discussion of what will or will not fit is in the home you’re thinking about. I use color change and it works great. A must for showing a home with a gaudy paint job.

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    Well, these are really very useful apps.

  8. This application is very nice. Will try this soon. This might help many new home owners.

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    Thank you very much for your cool article! Among all these great apps, I really like Color Change the most. Saves me from all the guesswork when it comes to choosing the right paint color for my home. Thanks! :D

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    Interesting because it seems that mobile apps are the wave of the future and more and more clients are parking in front of the home and then Googling the address from their handheld. So if we don’t make our sites mobile friendly we might be lost in the dust.

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    This is very informative and convenient for homeowners. I think the Colorchange app is great, you will have an idea on how your entire house will looking like without messing up the paint.

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    This app is really cool, not to mention very useful for every household. It makes everything simple and convenient. This app is a must-have and I hope it will be available for all OS.

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