Content Tips For Starting Your Blog

Posted by: Mary McKnight on August 13th, 2009

Content Building Blocks

The first month of your real estate blog’s life is the most important.

What you do during the first month can affectbuilding-blocks-blog-content the way Google will see your blog for the next year, so it is extremely important to build hyper local, keyword rich content in a structured and cohesive way.

The following are tips to building your first month’s worth of blog content.

Plan to post between 3-5 times a week.

Write “About Me” on Day 1. This includes:

  • Your past experiences
  • Your Team (if applicable)
  • Reviews
  • Boast posts: This is my favorite way to let you boast about your talents while couching it in an example and expert advice.  As a Realtor, you have the unique ability to solve problems most people feel are overwhelming.
  • Talk about your past experiences. People like to know that not only do you understand their problem, but that you have solved the very same problem for other clients. Example marketing helps you to establish your position as an expert and problem solver while also emotionally connecting with potential clients that share a similar problem.

On day 2, select another topic. Work your way down the list on each of the sections and by the end you will have a full blog of hyper local real estate content that WILL get you found on the search engines.

Think writing real estate blog content is like pulling teeth?

I suggest creating the following categories. These are probably the most standard categories on real estate blogs and the following content will fit nicely into one or more of them.

•    About Me
•    Buyers
•    Sellers
•    Mortgages
•    Neighborhoods
•    Featured Homes / Listings
•    New Home Builders
•    Relocation Resources
•    Market Reports

List neighborhood, suburb, condo complex, etc. names as sub categories — don’t get carried away — select your top 5-8 and if you have more just say “Other”.

Get back to the ‘About Me’ section again.

Most consumers, especially first time home buyers don’t know the first thing about how to select a real estate agent, so get specific about what to look for in a Realtor, why a buyer/seller needs one and what to do if they find themselves in the wrong Realtor relationship!

TIP: Market reports are HOT. They give a lot of info for both home buyers and sellers. Provide market reports for each neighborhood by using your MLS data.  Show how many homes are on the market, how many have sold, what the average home sales prices are and how long they sat on the market. This makes a great spider post and can often be used in your seller presentations to give them an accurate representation of the market so they know what to expect and how to price their home.

Read more of Mary McKnight’s RSS Pieces real estate blog article, “1 Month of blog topics: Ultimate guide to building real estate blog content that gets results



3 Comments on “Content Tips For Starting Your Blog”

Real Estate Roses

Thanks for the usefull tips.

Real Estate Investment Software

Great advice for the new Blogger!

Tom Aikins

The hardest part of blogging is coming up with topics but if you keep abreast on what’s happening locally from a variety of sources you’ll probably always find a topic you can write about.

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