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Blogging Tip: Using the Power of Free – Give to Get

If you continue to use your market keywords in your blog post titles and opening sentences, Google will bring visitors to your real estate blog. But don’t rely exclusively on the Google gods to bring you potential clients. Be proactive. Attract readers by leaving comments and joining online conversations.


Leave comments, with links to your blog, on:

  • Other blogs, especially high profile ones
  • Consumer forums
  • Social networks, such as Twitter
  • Mainstream media online news stories, especially your local paper
  • Any websites that allow comments

The two keys to conversational marketing are (1) intelligent comments and (2) links to your blog. The comments will arouse interest “Who is this person leaving these brilliant comments?” and the link will take readers to your real estate blog.


Blogging Tip courtesy of the HomeGain Blogging School Professor, Joseph Ferrara. Sign up for AgentView and the HomeGain Blogging School.




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