Why Use Social Networks? To Network, Of Course.

Posted by: Brian Brady on February 26th, 2008

Some people don’t get it. Whenever I discuss the value of social networking to real estate agents, they say:

“Well, you’re a lender, it’s different for you.”

Hogwash! Web 2.0 is about networks and networking. It’s about BEING networked and marketing your network to the consumer. There is power in networks, be it electronic or local (of course, electronic is better because it opens up the world as your market).

You MUST, I repeat MUST market your network to cement your value as a service provider to customers.

I’ll give you two examples of the power of my network:

1. One agent called me because she was trying to effect a trade. One buyer wanted a home in Vista, CA; the sellers from Vista want to “see the world”. The sellers are clients of mine. The buyer wants to offer a “trade” for tax purposes. His bait? A home in Co. Kilkenny, Ireland. What concern do these sellers have? The obvious one; will we like it there? Their solution? Call Brian. They know that I have relations in Kilkenny because I told my clients that…on my weblog.

2. I approved a loan for a couple who is buying a home in North Carolina. They are selling a home in Kansas. It is too complicated a transaction for the rookie loan originator. The agent’s solution? Call Brian; you’re going to have to secure the loan via telephone, so deal with “America’s #1 Mortgage Broker

Now can you see the power of my network? Wait! You must take it even farther.

You must PROMOTE your network to fully benefit from the expanding market the internet offers. Here’s a great example:


The gentleman pictured here with the smile on his face is an experienced real estate Broker in the Homefinders Network of experienced Real Estate Brokers and Agents. Bryant Tutas, a.k.a. Broker Bryant is our relocation connection in Central Florida. When you decide to buy a home in Kissimmee, Bryant will help you find the perfect home for your money and show you the locations for fishing in Central Florida.

This 6 pound Largemouth Bass caught in Kissimmee Florida was caught from Bryant’s back yard. YES!! From his back yard.

Can you see the power of establishing, nurturing, and promoting a real estate network now? Lenn Harley, a DC broker, is doing a favor for Bryant Tutas, a Central Florida broker.

What’s Lenn Harley REALLY up to?

Lenn Harley is both promoting her networked value (to her customers) as well as perfectly positioning herself for a referral fee and that, is powerful.

Networked practitioners will become the highest earners because of their ability to demonstrate value to a consumer. The old saw, “I don’t know the answer but I know someone who does” will be the ultimate demonstration of that value because consumers are starving for information. The information provider is the professional to whom the spoils are rewarded.

How can you get networked?

This weblog is the perfect place to start. If you’re a HomeGain practitioner, pick up the telephone and start getting engaged with the other practitioners. Relevancy will be the buzzword of the future of customer relationships.

…and you just can’t afford to be irrelevant.



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