Should You Blog Your Listings?

Posted by: Jay Thompson on May 8th, 2008

If there is one question that stirs debate amongst real estate bloggers, it’s whether or not it is “correct” to blog about your listings.

On the surface, this may seem like a no-brainer. Your blog is a marketing platform, it’s quite likely advertising (another subject of much debate) and hopefully people are coming to it in droves – all chomping at the bit to view, and buy, your sellers’ listings.

But let’s step back and look at the big picture and take a look at the pro’s and con’s of blogging listings.

The Pro’s

Sellers want to see their listings in as many places as possible. If you have an established blog with some readership, there is no question that blogging a listing will expose it to more people. And exposure for a listing is generally a good thing.

In addition to getting good exposure for the listing, it can also provide good exposure for you. And whether you want to admit it or not, you are blogging to market not just your listings, but yourself.

The Con’s

Blog posts about listings can be boring. Take for example the typical pitch:
“This lovely 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2100 square foot home is in a wonderful neighborhood with access to all of your needs. Granite countertops in the kitchen, new carpet, fresh paint….. blah blah blah.” BORING!!

Boring in a blog is not good.

Blogging listings can come across as salesy, and salesyness (is that a word?) in a blog is not good. Everyone that reads your blog knows and understands that you sell houses for a living. Do you really need to cram it further down their throats?

Listings are dynamic. Prices change, listings expire, and listings are (hopefully) sold. Unless you are diligent in updating old posts on listings, you’re likely to have bad, outdated info on your blog. Also not a good thing.

So what is a blogger to do?

Many established bloggers have weighed in on this in the past. Dustin Luther of and one of the most respected people in the real estate blogiverse is an opponent of blogging listings. Always has been from what I remember.

Dustin wrote a post on 4Realz titled, “Don’t Blog Your Listings” that elicited numerous comments. Read it and the comments for a very good discussion on this topic.

The real estate blogiverse is filled with similar posts. Here are more examples, all well worth a read:

CREN Blog: How to Blog About Your Real Estate Listings … effectively.

Dalton’s AZ Homes Blog: Blogging About My Phoenix Real Estate Listings? Absloutely!

The Real Estate Tomato: Blogging your Listings

In the Real Estate Tomato post, Jim Cronin summed up my feelings on the subject with this little nugget:

“I recommend that you either create a blog for all your listings or, you build an exclusive section on your business blog. Mixing quality content with listing details is a bad idea. It will distract and turn off your readers. Blogging is about cultivating readership to incubate long-term leads. Listings are take it or leave it content and should not be woven in among your pearls of wisdom. So, if you must keep everything on one blog, organize the listings to appear separately from the general articles.”

My personal solution is to write a post about the neighborhood the listing is in, and create a separate “blogsite” for the listing.

I link to the single-property blog in the neighborhood post. This gives me a post on the main blog that will likely appeal to a wider audience than a post on a single home, and the listing blogsite then stands on it’s own. It is easily updated when required, and I can put far more information into a single-property blog than I could ever stuff into an individual post.

Photos, maps, area info, schools, etc. all work well, making the single-property blog much more versatile than one lone post. By linking to it from the main blog, it gets “link love”, and there are now multiple pages that can get indexed in search engines—all pointing to the treasure trove of information on the listing.

It’s the best of both worlds and, in my humble opinion, the solution to the “should I blog my listings?” conundrum.



6 Comments on “Should You Blog Your Listings?”

Kim Russell

This is a great post. Thanks for all those links. I struggle with this question, and this is helpful. I like the idea about blogging about the area and linking to a seperate site. That seems to answer both the pros and the cons.

Brian LeBars

Another train of thought is that it’s better for the environment. There have been great articles written on listing your property Green. There is a link on my site to a great one. Cheers.

Jay Thompson

Thanks Kim, glad you found it useful. One of the great things about real estate blogging is there really are no absolute rights and wrongs. Do what you think is best. I love the single-property blog sites as I can put WAY more info in them than I can in a single blog post.

Brian – great green point. We don’t put printed flyers on sign posts any more. We use a sign rider with the name of the property blog. By using neighborhood related URL’s rather than address specific, we can re-use the riders.

Joseph Ferrara.sellsius

I am in favor of blogging your listings, especially if you are a niche player (historic homes, green homes, specific buildings/neighborhoods/developments). The question is how best to do it. Experiment and find out.
The most valuable visitors to your blog are the transactional visitors looking to buy/sell/rent real estate in the very near future. I imagine they would find the listings useful reading, especially if you can add your expertise to the listing post. Besides, listing post keywords (neighborhood, street, building/development/builder) are all seachable.

Eddie Carr

You’re absolutely right. Blog listings can be an excellent tool if done correctly. I would say that chances are not many sales are coming through blogs but property owners know their house is out there and it may create a buzz and get some looks so it’s probably worth your time. I recently found a tool that I often use with client to view all FL homes for sale and distressed homes. It’s worth taking a look at for home listings and property info.

Ken Smith

Blogging your listings is really boring content, but keeping your clients happy is important. Think the single property blog idea might be the best solution, thanks for sharing Jay.

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