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Posted by: Pat Kitano on July 30th, 2008

Here are my impressions of three different “Real Estate 2.0” conferences I attended this year (also see my chart below):


Inman Real Estate Connect, July 2008 – Traditional industry leaders meet Real Estate 2.0 with Brad Inman. Well positioned in both worlds to balance the twain.

REBarCamp, July 2008 – “Wisdom of Crowds” perspective. Topics tend to diverge suddenly when others take the floor.

RETechSouth, March 2008 – Exclusively Real Estate 2.0, a blogger meet and greet. Best idea generating discussions went over newbie heads.


Inman Real Estate Connect – Well versed in Web 2.0 and can understand where the conversations need to be headed. I generally don’t like moderators who ask too specific questions, panelists want to discuss issues they understand without waiting for the question.

REBarCamp – Although I only participated in two discussions, the “one (amateur) moderator” format makes it hard to control the convo. The standard “Talking Heads” panel method does insure consistent focus on the topic at hand.

RETechSouth – Due to smaller size of conference (120 or so) the dialogue between the audience and Talking Heads provided its own form of moderation. Vibrant discussions as audience members stood in on panel.


Inman Real Estate Connect – Nice hotel, great meeting place in the restaurant. A lot of Inman is roaming the halls, so it’s perfect for business.

REBarCamp – Note for next BarCamps and Unconferences – more meeting rooms. Day before Inman so everybody was in a joyful meet and greet mode. Should become a pre-conference tradition.

RETechSouth – Tangible vibe of “we did this together”. Small group provided a camaraderie that larger conferences lack.


Inman Real Estate Connect – Notable this year was the exhaustion of the real estate community with Real Estate 2.0 and online marketing. It’s overwhelming because it’s progressing so quickly… and there’s a sense of being left behind. I think it’s a natural reaction to try to slow the Web 2.0 machine down by insisting on going back to basics, but… the bullet train has left the station.

REBarCamp – The blogging community continues to grow larger with each conference. What started with about 150 at the first Inman Bloggers Connect in 2007 seemed to double this year (not sure what the #s are). REBarCamp is an extension of and integral with Bloggers Connect. Really impressive was the national organization team… kudos!

RETechSouth – Set up in about three weeks, it proved a major conference can be done… in three weeks. It’s now an Atlanta tradition.



3 Comments on “Real Estate Conference Comparison”

Mitch Ribak

It’s interesting to see the comparison. Thanks for putting it together. What I would really like to see sometime is someone who is really into the web 2.0 show some stats so Brokers like myself can see if it’s worth adding to our already successful systems. Over the past year I have heard a ton about web 2.0 products, but I have yet to see anyone post that they generated this many leads from this product and that converted into this many sales. Once I, and most of the Brokers who are making a living from the Internet, see this, then it might have a little more clout. I’m all ears.

Ryan Ward

Nice chart Mitch. I think “web 2.0″ is great – I really do, but, I honestly believe that it misses the mark of what is at the center of what the interent means to consumers (and that is what is realy the most important thing). Basically, the internet turns real estate into ecommerce (I think this will be my next post here). Blogging and conversing is great, but, consumers care about houses, not us first and foremost and I would bet that consumers would agree at least 10 to 1. Web 2.0 is neat and helpful, but, not nearly the most important aspect of what the internet offers us and consumers. I’m well versed in 1.0 and 2.0 and 1.0 leads for me are about 100 to 1 compared with 2.0 leads. While I focus on and get involved in 2.0, creating a well optiomized ecommerce website will net more business for 99% of agents/teams/brokers. On the other hand, 2.0 can help to improve your rankings thereby increasing your web 1.0 leads…

By the way, I have been meaning to try to call you and pick your (team) lead generating mind.

Real Estate Taxi

I would have to recommend a conference with smaller groups, not because of the material but just because you able to connect with the speaker compared to larger groups.

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