If You Are Not Getting Much Business from Twitter or Facebook…

Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on February 27th, 2009

Consider: Why do you think they call it “social” media?

In the words of Todd Carpenter who was recently appointed as social media manager at the National Association of Realtors :

You won’t “get” Twitter until you stop trying to figure out how to get business from it. You have to do it for fun. You have to genuinely want to talk to people, not market to them. If you just try to market yourself there, nobody will want to connect with you.”

Remember social media whether facebook or twitter, is not business media. Mixing business with pleasure is often difficult and ill advised.

“No man is poor who has friends” – George Bailey- It’s a Wonderful Life

Did he mean you could make money off them on Facebook and Twitter?

Todd futher advises:

“Again, I’m on Twitter because I like to meet and talk to people. I don’t care if it ever earns me a dime. But on the other hand, the top referrer to my newest blog is… Twitter. Five of the first six people who confirmed they were coming to RE BlogWorld, I met on… Twitter. The local meetup of RE 2.0 talent I organized today was promoted and organized largely on… Twitter.

I didn’t “get” Twitter either because I was trying to figure out a business use for it. But I got hooked on it because it was fun, and now the business opportunities are bearing fruit.”

I am not sure that social media “works” for business, but many are having fun trying. 

Louis Cammarosano



One Response on “If You Are Not Getting Much Business from Twitter or Facebook…”

Real Estate Taxi

The main point of say twitter is to have followers that are interested in what you have to say. They dont want to follow a person who is going to provide ADs as tweets.

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