Writing In Real Estate? Yes, It’s Important

Posted by: Mike Farmer on April 8th, 2008

Well, Max and I are off to The Masters. I’ve convinced Max there are no real tigers in Augusta, GA, but I hope he’s not allergic to pollen because there will be flora everywhere.

There’s been a lot of discussion about online real estate sites lately around the real estate Blog World.

An evolving array of offerings are constantly being made, hopefully to improve the online experience and to further disseminate information, create useful partnerships and make real estate transactions easier for everyone.

I told Louis over the weekend on my blog that I see HomeGain as a main player for years to come as more agents become connected and look for an efficient, quick vehicle to make the online experience useful and profitable.

The surface has been merely scratched when you consider all the agents who aren’t yet connected to online tools. I believe many are reluctant to jump in because they fear it’ll be too complicated and time-consuming.

However, through word-of-mouth regarding results, many agents will begin to take the plunge, and if they can use a site that has taken care of the set-up and offers them an easy way to get jump started, then that will be appealing.

As has been discussed many times here and elsewhere, it’ll all depend on using it as specified. This blog is a useful means of explaining the correct way to be successful with online lead management.

The methods do work, regardless of where the leads are coming from, but to have a web site that is generating leads then giving you the information and tools to manage the leads to successful transactions is a useful starting point, and for some it’s all they need to continue with successful transactions as a supplement to offline, traditional business.

Every advantage and additional source of business helps in this market.

If you are working on the home buyer side of the HomeGain equation, I recommend that real estate agents develop a succinct, service-centered method of conveying the benefits of buyer representation with key points that are easy to understand.

This medium is different than face-to-face so you have to reduce your presentation to essentials and be mindful of how it communicates the message. Extract the main benefits and don’t weaken the message with fluff and flowery promises. Just tell the buyer straightforward why representation is a good idea.

  • Time
  • Trust
  • Local Knowledge
  • Efficiency
  • Protection
  • Common goals
  • Fiduciary responsibility

Break it down to concepts and then expound just enough to make it clear.

Many home buyers, especially first time buyers, don’t fully understand the process or pitfalls and how an agent can make it efficient and hassle-free.

Canned, trite language doesn’t convey well, it needs to be in a language that feels and sounds natural. Most people respond and begin listening when they sense the speaker is real—in this case, the writer, because much will be written in the beginning.

Learning to write clearly and to display a sense of self is difficult for people who don’t write a lot, but writing is not something to quickly get through because it’s a chore—it must be seen as a new tool to be constantly improved.

How you write, I think, is a very important part of being successful online—it’s obvious when you think about it, but how many agents are doing something to become better writers? How many agents do you think are buying books on How To Write? If you learn to write well you’ll be way ahead of most agents, and your prospects will appreciate it—believe me.

Even Max is getting into writing. Look for his upcoming article – “It’s Not Easy Being Orange”.



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