Why Have Your Clicks Managed?

Posted by: Wayne Long on April 15th, 2008

Why is HomeGain’s BuyerLink program successful for our business? It is just PPC (pay per click), isn’t it? Couldn’t I do this myself and save money? Wouldn’t it be better to just use the natural search and not pay for clicks at all?

These are all valid questions I have asked myself – especially in a tough market like this – and I am sure I am not the only one asking! We all need to run our budgets as lean and mean as possible right now.

Isn’t the BuyerLink program just PPC and couldn’t I do this myself?

BuyerLink is a form of PPC but it is professionally administered. There is a whole learning curve involved with learning to run a successful PPC campaign. You will pay for this learning curve in one way or another. We could run it ourselves and just make the mistakes that are inherent when an amateur attempts something like this. That is one way to pay for it.

Another way is to simply hire someone to teach us. This is another form of payment but what if things change and the skills we learn become obsolete? Will we be able to keep up with current trends? Probably not.

The final way to pay for PPC is simply to allow HomeGain to administer it for us with skilled professionals who do this every day. To me that makes the most sense as I have other things to do and this is not my expertise.

OK, but shouldn’t we just depend on the natural search and forget about PPC?

This is a valid question as we all need to trim our budgets but what if no one can find your site using the natural search? That is why I started using BuyerLink.

I had a nice website but no one could find it because I didn’t show up in the top 10 results. The professionals at HomeGain knew how to rank for terms like “Columbus Georgia Real Estate” and when potential buyers clicked through, they found me. This seems like a win-win situation. HomeGain sends 1,500 to 2,000 home buyers per month to my website and then I have the job of capturing them once they come to me.

Now that we have visitors to our website – how do we convert them as clients?

I will expand on this in future posts but the heart of capturing these leads is with a really good IDX home search system and follow up. I use a custom IDX system built by REW because of the quality of search capabilities and the follow up system that is built in.

Most people come to a real estate site to search for homes so we need to make that easy for them. Second, we need to have a good follow up system for the leads.

BuyerLink visitors are higher quality than natural search visitors –

No I don’t mean the actual people are higher quality – I mean that they are more likely to be in the right place when they get to my site.

I want to make one last point that most people don’t know. The click through visitors from BuyerLink are higher quality than the visitors from the natural search.


According to my analysis, visitors that come from BuyerLink stay on my site longer, view more pages, and register more often. I have watched this for a long time so I can state that at least on my website this is a fact.

I think the reason for this is simply that HomeGain has a filter system where the visitor goes to a page that filters their intentions so that when they come to my site they are really looking for Real Estate in Columbus GA. Visitors from the natural search may click thru without really knowing where they are going.

I am pretty sure this difference is the reason for the increase in quality but I am absolutely sure the visitors are higher quality than visitors from the natural search.

I have the data and results to prove it!


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6 Comments on “Why Have Your Clicks Managed?”

Mike Farmer

Good post, Wayne. The fact they have taken that extra step before making it to your site is a good point relating to quality.

Have you done any conversion studies? I’d be curious to learn the percentage that turn into closings. That might already be reported somewhere, and if so, perhaps someone could point it out.

I’m try to get a better handle on results.

Mike Farmer



Mike – Thanks. I would be glad to share percentages with you offline. The proper word is probably that they are a more TARGETED click thru than you would get naturally.

Mike Farmer

Yes, just send it to my secret email -



Does the homegain buyerlink program have any way to weed out click fraud, so the same person doesn’t click homegain links multiple times giving the subscriber little to no value?

Jeffrey Miller

I just stumbled across the comment from Cornerstone back in May. To answer the question, yes, we do. HomeGain charged for a Visit, rather than a click. A visitor could click on your site multiple times, but you are only charged for the first visit.

Our systems eliminate duplicate clicks from the same visitor over a specified time-frame. We also filter out all HomeGain generated clicks so that we aren’t costing BuyerLink clients while we navigate our own site.

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