Use What I’ve Got

Posted by: Linda Davis on January 6th, 2009

This year, like most, I wrote my business plan between Thanksgiving and Christmas. My overall business strategy includes a marketing plan and a technology plan. For 2009, I added a social media plan. Typically when New Year’s Eve rolls around, I throw in a few New Year’s Resolutions and then off I go, hoping that the year turns out as planned or at least close.

This year my plans and resolutions took on a theme. I didn’t start out with a theme or intentionally create one, and I didn’t even realize I had a theme until I stepped back and took a look.

It appears that “Use what I’ve got” snuck into my business plan when I wasn’t even looking.

Upon review, I discovered that I already have all the tools needed for a very successful 2009.  I have more than enough websites and blogs and I am registered and active on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. I can boast of all kinds of cool software and I have CD’s, books, and a account full of great links.  My file drawers are crammed with ideas that I’ve picked up at conferences and conventions. 

Unfortunately, I’m not using all of this good stuff to its full potential. If there was a “feature usage meter” on my technology tools, it would probably be reading less than 50%.  I even own software I’ve never used (that would be 0%) and books I haven’t read.  My websites and blogs require tweaking and my social networking profiles could stand an update. The task seems daunting but there is good news about implementing my business plan this year. The plan comes with a much smaller price tag than in the past.

I just need to “use what I’ve got” to accomplish my goals for 2009.



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David Taylor

I am a Google Adwords Professional in Australia focusing on the Real Estate industry and just wanted to say what a great real estate blog you have.

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