The Value of Professional Networking

Posted by: Brian Kinkade on August 25th, 2008

Last week Mitch Ribak, Founder of eHomesRealtyNetwork and, visited our team here in Denver, Colorado for a training and knowledge transfer exercise. Mitch and I have been keeping in touch since November 2006 after I met Mitch resulting from one of HomeGain’s Winning Agent Calls.

When I first met Mitch I was just a team of one trying to figure out this whole Internet Marking thing. I was reasonably comfortable with the website development, however I was struggling with how do I bring customers to my website and then convert them to leads then to clients and closings. A friend of mine had connected me to HomeGain’s BuyerLink product so there I was.

I had a website and some good marketing but now what do I do with it?

The same month after listening to Mitch’s presentation I had my first Internet client under contract. Yippee! I was on the running to making my first million, NOT.

With much continued effort I continued to find limited success, touching base with Mitch once every 3-4 months when I would find myself struggling the most. He would help me get over the hump then I would hit the ground running again.

As I continued to get better at this Internet business, I began to grow my team, distributing leads to one or more brokers whom I “teamed” up with. I had more leads, and my team members found some success however I wasn’t achieving lasting success with a sound business model. Then after growing my team to 7 brokers, Mitch and I connected again and he offered to visit us in Denver to help us out.

Long story short, here’s what happened.

Within a day and a half, Mitch reviewed my systems and provided my team and me with in-depth training. What I really like about Mitch is his sincere eagerness to extend a hand and help!

While my systems and conversions essentially checked out, my referral based “team” structure fell hard and flat. In short, my team is now in reorg mode and when complete we’ll be a true Team in all sense of the word.

Without having a true team, human nature lent my leads and hard earned money to be less than adequately tended to and placed in less than primary position in place of the broker’s personal business.

Some of the content Mitch discussed we were already doing but one of the differences being they were hearing it from someone else instead of just me. Additionally, Mitch shared material and real life examples as to how we needed to refocus our business practices and modus operandi towards satisfying the Internet leads needs. Thus, we are now better prepared to truly offer the top end service we desire and resultantly convert more leads to closings.

Now the work continues but now that Mitch is on my team and he is on mine as a part of the eHomesRealtyNetwork I know I am better prepared to move forward. Sure I could try to reinvent the wheel but frankly I don’t have the time nor do I have the expendable income to continue to make mistakes.

So here we go moving fast and furiously into a new business model. But, it’s not just my model it’s a successful model as proven by Mitch and his successful real estate team in Florida! I’ll report back again when we’re up and running again as Version 2.0.

If you really want to take your Internet real estate business to the next level I invite you to contact Mitch Ribak or myself at, and take your business to the next level.



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Cedar City Real Estate

This is a really helpful article to us. As realtors we are all looking at how to increase our internet presence but more importantly we should be looking at how to more effectively handle those leads.

James Boyer New Jersey

Hi Brian,

I just started reading some of Mitch’s stuff the other day and he does seem to know what he is talking about. I have been trying to build up my business along the internet model since early 2007 when I arrived here in New Jersey. Have had some success, especially in 2008 but feel that there is always lots of room for improvment.

Keep up the learning and your success will grow.

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