The Team Advantage!

Posted by: Wayne Long on October 13th, 2009

I was recently chatting with someone who has just started in the Real Estate business about our team and I was telling him that being part of a team is a huge advantage over being an individual Realtor.

teamwork-real-estate-advantagesHere are 10 reasons why I feel it is an advantage to be part of the Columbus Home Show Team.

1) Problem Solving. When one of our team members is having a problem, we collectively kick it around and almost always one of our team members comes up with a workable solution.   It is pretty much impossible to think of all the possible solutions by yourself no matter how smart you are or think you are.   Within our group there is a lot of experience and free thought which we encourage.

2) Cover. Our business comes in waves and there are a lot of times that I cannot be everywhere or a team member cannot be in more than one place at the time.   This is when we call on another team member to cover for the overwhelmed team member.   This has a huge impact as sometimes it is important to be at 2 places at the same time but physically impossible.   With a team it is possible!

3) Ideas. When we need new marketing ideas or efficiency ideas or whatever we need, we kick them around just like problem solving.  If we hit on a good idea, we then kick it around some more within the group to refine it.

4) Encouragement. Within our team we encourage each other and celebrate successes together.   It is motivating to know that other team members are counting on you and rooting for you to be successful.

5) Experience. If an individual has 20 transactions in a year, he gets the experience of those 20real estate  transactions to use in future transactions.  As a team you may be involved with 150 transactions or more and you can utilize those experiences in your future transactions so your learning curve is a lot steeper than someone who is an individual Realtor.

6) Teams are more fun! We joke around together and laugh at some of our experiences with Real Estate and after work we do things together.  It is fun to have a group to share with, work with, and enjoy life with.

7) Teams have more talents and gifts. We utilize the gifts and talents of individual team members to be a better collective group.   One team member may be better at marketing; one may be better at organizing; one may be better at personal relationships; one may be better at internet marketing.  Combined we are a much better Realtor than we are as individuals.  I joke with people that my wife and I together make ONE pretty good Realtor.

8) Shared Expense. Because of the economies of scale we can operate more efficiently in everything we do and purchase.

9) Larger Sphere of Influence. We can use our much larger sphere to network into more places than we could alone.  We can also use the sphere to problem solve.

10) Marketing Impact. Our shared marketing impact is greater because of our size and our visibility in the community and on advertising.



3 Comments on “The Team Advantage!”

Portland Real Estate

Good notes. I personally love working with my team, and I know that anytime I am away from my desk or even on vacation that everyone is going to get taken care of, and none of my clients are going to feel neglected.


Gulf Shores Condos

Nice post Wayne! I have had the pleasure of bringing on a couple of new agents that are actively working with and helping each other. There is definitely a synergy that is created that makes the effort much more rewarding!

Houston homes for sale


You just made me want to jump both feet in and start operating a team, instead of cherry picking my leads.

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