The Power Of YOU

Posted by: Barry Karch on July 12th, 2008

Nowadays, with the internet and email being such a large part of our business and life, written communication is more important than ever. Whenever I am writing an email or letter, or any other type of document I always think back to my Business Communications class that I took in college. I hated the class at the time, but looking back many years later, I now think that it was the best and most useful class that I took.

The professor always stressed the importance of writing from the “you” point of view—meaning the reader’s point of view, not your own. Whenever I would write something along these lines: “I can do this…” or ” I am …” or anything that started with “I”, my professor would always give me back my paper with a big “So What!” written all over it. In other words the other person doesn’t care about you—they want to know how they will benefit.

To put this in a real estate perspective, so often we see ads from Realtors that say “I’m number 1” or “I sold 300 homes last year.”

So What! What are you going to do to get my house sold?

All of your correspondence should tell the reader how they will benefit – what you can do for them.

For example, “Your home will receive the maximum market exposure by being promoted on the following websites.” Or, “You will receive feedback on all of the showings of your home” or “You will benefit from my experience in selling homes in your neighborhood.”

YOU get the point.

Barry Karch, Prudential BKB, REALTORS, El Paso, TX,



4 Comments on “The Power Of YOU”

Curtis Reddehase

Great point I preach the same thing to the agents in the office

Mark Eckenrode

“You” is actually one of the more powerful words in persuasive marketing

Ken in Elgin

Great reminder. This was something that a very successful sales person had taught me years ago, but it is good to hear it over and over again.

Scott Patterson Aventura Real Estate

Great post, Barry. The power of the written word is amazing, especially if you choose the right words.

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