Posted by: Mark Johnson on February 25th, 2008

I answer my phone, and, have made this a practice since starting my business in 1991. As a result of this practice, I get very few voice mails throughout the day. I cannot stress this enough!

Customers have hired me to get their transactions completed in a timely manner, and to help with this I carry my phone with me most of the time. It is much better to answer the call, deal with the situation and move on.

I try to encourage e-mail contact between my buyers and sellers and I carry my phone (which is e-mail capable) on my side pretty much all the time. As a Realtor® I know that if you do not like being disturbed by phone calls or e-mails, you should look into another profession.

My quick response to my buyers and sellers puts their minds at ease, and lets them know that they are getting advice from a pro.

It is most important when talking with potential clients that you let them know what to expect from this current market. For example: that homes are taking much longer to sell, even at lower prices; that you will team up with them to get their home into escrow; to follow up on the escrow and to make sure the deal closes on time.
These are all things that have been tough for many agents.

A very important factor is to screen potential home buyers properly.

I check with the lender the buyer will be using to confirm that all of the information is correct. A very important determination that the deal will go smoothly is being able to get in contact with the lender and the buyer’s agent quickly.

This is, by far, the biggest thing that has kept me on track and, able to close a very high percentage of deals. An agent or lender that does not call you back promptly is a huge problem if any situations come up that need to be dealt with.



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