Realtors, YOU Are the Face of Your Clients

Posted by: Marie Scheuring on September 1st, 2010

When you are representing a buyer or seller, it is important to remember that the other side will develop an opinion of your client based upon your communications. Carefully chosen words will help to maintain a realistic and positive impression. When negotiations get hairy, you want the other side to feel positively about your client. Nobody wants to help the bad guy, and we all root for the underdog. By carefully choosing what you share and how you say it, it will preserve the reputation of everyone on your side of the transaction.

With this in mind, here are a few ways that I design my communications:

  • If you have to say something negative, (let’s face it, sometimes it is necessary), be objective and offer an explanation that focuses on contract terms and legal rights.
  • Refrain from giving your opinion or added color to the statements; stick to facts.
  • Be considerate and respectful of everyone’s feelings and rights.
  • Be fair and honest.
  • Disclose anything that is necessary and required; know what that is and give nothing more.
  • Take concerns and issues raised seriously; put out all fires early.
  • If you can’t say something nice, you probably don’t need to say it.

Working in real estate can show us the very worst side of our clients. We are interacting with people who are in one of the most stressful times of their lives. People are feeling vulnerable and nervous about what is ahead of them.

By needlessly expressing negativity, you may create a scenario where the buyer or seller on the other side does not want your client to “win”. You must own up and take responsibility for it.

In my experiences the smartest and most successful Realtors are the ones who approach every transaction in a cooperative spirit. You are a team with the other agent, working toward a common goal of finding a middle ground where both sides are treated with fairness. You are both working toward the goal of arriving at the closing table. Remember that what you say may effect whether or not that happens. Positive communication is the fastest and least painful route to the close of the transaction.



6 Comments on “Realtors, YOU Are the Face of Your Clients”

Alex Cortez

LOL, good info, Marie. Too many real estate agents use their clients as an excuse to complain about EVERYTHING (even if the client had no such concerns/issues).

Mitch Ribak

Well said Marie! I think the biggest problem is not only our the customers stressed, but the Agents are just as stressed on both sides. I’m always talking my Agents off a ledge when it comes to keeping a level head when dealing with adversity. It’s vital to keep everyone from killing each other!

Cheryl Stimac

If you can’t get used to the stress, you probably should find another line of work. Being a Realtor is, by the nature of the job, a stressful career and one needs to understand and come to grips with that or move on to something else.

janet dugan

I don’;t find it stressful at all. In fact, I totally enjoy meeting the folks I serve and find learning about them and their wishes a joy.

Carmen Brodeur

I used to roll my eyes when my mom told me that you get more flies with honey than vinegar. Now I realize how true that really is. Having a cooperative spirit in negotiations is always the way to go.

Costa Rica Golf

Nice tip for any one who work as real estate agent….Thanks alot

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