Real Home Buyer or Time Waster?

Posted by: Marc Rasmussen on March 25th, 2010

Every time I meet with a client I ask myself, “Are these people wasting my time?” Good time management and qualifying skills are so important to a successful real estate career. Realtors can get bogged down with time wasting tasks and people. Your production will suffer if your week is filled up with activities or clients who misuse your time and energy.warning-sign-cone

Here are 5 common “warning signs” from a potential home buyer:

1)      “We would like a tour”

If I hear the word “tour” I cringe.  This is usually someone very early in the buying process or who is a complete waste of time. I’ve noticed that many real homebuyers are willing to drive themselves around.

2)      “I need a steal”

Of course, everyone is looking for a steal and there is nothing wrong with that. Be scared of those buyers who are not willing to purchase at market or appraised value. They are usually only interested in buying a home if they can get it at a wholesale price.  These types of buyers can have you chasing your tail in no time.

3)      “I’m positive that I can get financing”

This one can come back to bite you. Imagine spending 10-20 hours working with a buyer only to find out that they cannot get financing. Many times people who think they can get financing easily don’t want to go through the hassles of a mortgage pre-qualification or pre-approval. If that is the case how motivated of a buyer are they?

4)      “I’ve heard your city is nice”

It is not uncommon for people to travel to a city they have never been to before and want to see property.  I suggest to people who have never been to Sarasota, Florida before to vacation here to see if it is a place they want to own. Why go look at homes if they are not sure of the area? What is the likelihood that someone will visit a town they have never been to before and buy a home on that visit?

5)      “I need to sell my house first”

This is a tough one. Imagine getting a call from a buyer who wants to go see a house and you find out that they need to sell first. If you don’t show them that house another Realtor will. You lose a potential listing and a sale.  What if the client is super stubborn about the price of his house? Now you have a listing that won’t sell and a buyer who won’t buy.

There is a really high chance of getting burned out this business. If you are run ragged by time wasters you won’t have the energy or positive attitude when the real buyers contact you. Be sure to ask plenty of qualifying questions before taking on a newer home buyer client. It may prevent you from getting burned out.



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Rob McCance

I was trying to think of some others but you know what, those ARE the top five!!

Rob for Moving to Atlanta

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