Real Estate Signs Standing Tall

Posted by: Robert Worthington on March 18th, 2010

This blog post is an informative blog post for people who purchase their own real estate signs; others need not read any further.  For years, Worthington Realty have put up with under engineered, cheaply made real estate signs.  Looking high and low, nothing was on the market which needed to meet the following requirements.for-sale-signs

1)    Guaranteed not the lean, tilt, or fall over
2)    Built to last
3)    Fashionable looking
4)    Easy to install
5)    Light in weight
6)    Reasonable cost

Fast forward two years and dozens of experiments, Worthington Realty has finally got it!

The first real estate sign guaranteed to stand straight up tall just like the day you put in the ground.   Worthington Realty consulted with visionary fabrication guru’s to create the ultimate in real estate sign technology.  We’ve perfected the anchor which attaches the post to the ground.  The anchor weighs approximately 20lbs which is extremely light compared to what was originally engineered.

Worthington Realty is looking for the industry public opinion.  Is there a demand for a real estate sign guaranteed to stand tall like the day you put it in the ground?  What would you pay for an item like this?  Can you imagine putting a sign in the ground and knowing you’ll come back to it standing tall?  What are your thoughts?  Worthington Realty would greatly appreciate your input.

In our office we are not perfectionist or genius by any means, however we shoot for the stars making every single day count, do you?



4 Comments on “Real Estate Signs Standing Tall”

John Sembrot

sure would if it saves money

Sarasota Real Estate

For me to hang the standard sign on a wood post it costs me $60 if I need to buy the sign. The classic white post is $20, installed by my broker,and the sign cost me $40. If I do not need to pay for the sign it costs me $20 for each listing. So I would most likely not pay more than $60 for it.

Robert Worthington

John, would you like some literature on the product via email and pricing?

Sign Everett Signage Store

If the price is right and it does the job, then I think people would in fact go for those signs! It makes sense to me.

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