It’s Knocking SO Hard It’s Almost Busting Down The Door … 3 Steps To Take NOW

Posted by: Carl Medford on December 26th, 2008

While walking the dog around the lake near our home, a friend went busting by me and didn’t even say hi. I have to admit I don’t look my best in the early morning hours. Maybe it was the hat covering my “bed” hair. Or the new facial fuzz.

She flat out didn’t recognize me.

I wasn’t going to let it slide, so I hollered at her. After the obligatory “Omigosh, Omigosh” and “Didn’t recognize you,” came hug hug, talk talk …you know the drill. Walking away, I was reminded me of a very important fact of life.

Like me, opportunity is out there walking the streets every day.

UNLIKE ME, opportunity will not call you out by name.

I’ve encountered so many Realtors who are crying in their soup and wringing their hands. “The market is in the tank and we don’t know what to do,” they say. Meanwhile, home prices are down, sales are up, loan rates are dipping and there are deals to be made out there on every corner. I’m confused.

The old saying, “Opportunity is knocking,” has never been truer than right now. Trouble is, you’ve got to find the door opportunity is banging on! That requires action.

While some sit around and complain, plenty of other Realtors are finding the door and going on through. The ones making it right now are the ones that have a game plan and are working it hard.

As an example, “Think you don’t work with home buyers?” You do now. Buyers turn into listings down the road.

Here are 3 things to do NOW to capitalize on the current opportunities in the market:

1.  Personally call EVERYONE in your database and tell them about the incredible opportunities out there RIGHT NOW for buyers and investors. Here are some suggestions for the calls: 


b.  If they don’t answer, don’t leave a detailed message. Leave the following short, upbeat message: “Hi, this is ______. PLEASE give me a call back when you get a second. Thanks!”

c.  When they answer, say, “Hi ________, this is ________ I know you’re busy, but I wanted to take a second to tell about some incredible opportunities in the housing market right now – I wanted to make sure you don’t get left out. Can we set up a time for me to meet with you and show you what is happening in the market right now?”

d. Stop talking and listen. Set up the appointment, and then spend no more than 20 minutes with them in their home or local Starbucks.

2. Send out a mailer to EVERYONE in your database and tell them about the incredible opportunities out there RIGHT NOW for buyers and investors. Here some suggestions: 


b.  The front of the postcard should say, “DON’T MISS OUT!!” BIG letters -– fill the whole card. 

c.  The rear should say, “There are some INCREDIBLE opportunities out there in real estate for buyers and investors – don’t be one of the ones looking back in 5 years and wishing they’d acted NOW. Call me to set up an appointment – you’ll be glad you did.” 

d.  Send the same mailer every 3 weeks until you start to get some activity.

3. Make sure your AgentEvaluator profiles include buzzwords for today. These words include: Foreclosures, REOs, Short Sales, ACT NOW, Bargains, Opportunity …. And so on.  

4. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A DATABASE!!! I know I said there were three things to do -– so this one doesn’t technically count because I’m assuming you already have a database. If you don’t have one, you are dead in the water -– this is now Item #1 on your “To-Do” List.


Opportunity IS knockin’!!! Hear it? Then get up and answer the door!



5 Comments on “It’s Knocking SO Hard It’s Almost Busting Down The Door … 3 Steps To Take NOW”

Marc Rasmussen

Great information Carl. Times are tough but we must adjust ourselves and our business to meet today’s challenges. Putting your head in the sand won’t work.

Short Sales

It seems like everyone I talk to these days is using the buzz word short sales. Sellers don’t have an option, and buyers think it’s they way to get the best deal. If you don’t understand short sales in this market you’re missing out.

Ga FMLS Agent

Great suggestions! Maximizing opportunities with my own network of clients has worked for myself numerous times.

Jared Gruber

Great suggestions. I especially liked the fill in the blank phrases – very helpful.

Real Estate Taxi

Communication is key, but we need to stay in front of people. Being in front of they reminds them of who we are and what we can to for them and their friends.

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