It’s All About the Leads

Posted by: Marc Rasmussen on November 26th, 2008

I’ve been selling real estate for over eight years now and have had the privilege of observing both successful and unsuccessful Realtors. I have worked in the same office with and have been involved in transactions with some of the top producers in my area.

One thing I have observed about their business is that their lead generation is mostly systematic. Not all of them receive their leads the same way but the big producers have built up a consistent lead generation system where most of their clients contact them. Of course, there are successful Realtors who are out door knocking and cold calling but the largest producers seem to be chased and not chasing.

Where to Get Leads?

There are many ways to “skin a cat”. Realtors can farm geographic areas, build a web presence, advertise in print, use direct mail, purchase leads, or network with their sphere of influence. All of the avenues can lead to success. You just have to decide which of them work best for you. Non computer savvy Realtors barely know how to turn on a computer so they might not be suited to focus on the web. A new agent with few contacts may find it difficult to live off of their sphere of influence. There are very successful agents out there in virtually every market using one or all of these avenues to garner leads. If you do just one of these extremely well you will generate plenty of leads.

Goal: Be Chased, Don’t Be Chasing

If you have been in the business long enough you have probably cold called or door knocked. Some love it while the majority of the agents I speak with generally do not. Your ultimate goal as a Realtor is to have people chasing you to help them buy or sell a home. This business is much easier that way and you stand to make more money because you can work on servicing your clients versus trying to find new ones. Isn’t it easier and more productive to answer five phone calls from prospects instead of calling fifty people to find five prospects?

Be an Authority

Be an authority on what you sell. Are you focusing on the internet? Build the best website in your area with the most information and I am sure you will get business from it. Farming a geographic area? Have the most knowledge about that area and let everyone know that you know it better than any other Realtor. If you are the expert or go to Realtor for a niche like beach front condos or a certain geographic area and market that well you are sure to get business from it.

A friend of mine who consistently sells in excess of $30 million a year in real estate focuses on one barrier island off Sarasota using signs, direct mail and print advertising to market herself as the expert. She never picks up the phone to get business. Prospects are always calling her. Your production levels will be limited if you are always chasing. It is not easy to pull off but from what I can tell it is definitely worth it.



6 Comments on “It’s All About the Leads”

gulfshoreslife @ Orange beach Condos

So true Marc! Without systematically working towards an end in any business one is doomed to fail while those that get up every day and aim for a goal almost can’t help but succeed. I think there are many that understand this, but some just can’t get a system in place that they will stay committed to, instead always chasing the next best thing. I have watched you master the internet over years, not days, and it is unrealistic for anyone to think they will become a master of anything without years of the same type committment.

Mitch Ribak

It’s really all about committment to the systems you put in place. Most Realtors want success today but don’t understand the concept of building their business. Most are more worried why they don’t have business versus taking all that useless energy and focusing on a goal and a process. Our systems we teach at The eHomes Realty Network are not get rich quick type systems. They took me almost 5 years to develop and we continue to test and improve upon these systems. Needless to say, they have been extremely successful for us as we close 250 sales using our Homegain BuyerLink program and our 100MPH Marketing System to convert our leads to customes for life.

In the end, as I said, it’s all about committment to the process with a clear path and goal in mind and on paper!

Mr Mogul

How about expanding your comfort zone to include people in new markets by developing relationships based on celebrating diversity? Works every time.

Real Estate Taxi

Being an Authority in your area is probably one of the better ways to generate leads. When you are well respected in real estate, it becomes easier to gain clients.


i am new in this business and just found your website i have been reading through it at diff. psrts but my main concern is i am thinking of getting a lead generated service but not sure what is a good one at a good price wondering if you have suggesstions on this thanks

Mitch Ribak

Wes – You are right to be concerned about which lead generation sites to use. Most, and I have tried most, are useless and very expensive. I have been using Homegain for a few years now and have a tremendous amount of success. However, the key to using lead generation services is really more in your ability to be able to convert leads to customers. No matter how many leads you receive, you will need to have a process to follow to convert the leads.

To me, as a new Agent, this is the best way to generate business. We pretty much only hire brand new Agents because I find them easier to train and better at following direction. If you would like any advice, feel free to contact me. I would be glad to discuss Homegain as well as what marketing avenues you are intending on trying. Good Luck!

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