How to Build a Thriving Real Estate Business

Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on November 19th, 2008

How did Andrew Duncan of Keller Williams Realty double his business within two months? By doubling his team, of course!

We are pleased to have Andrew as this month’s Agent Success Newsletter Featured Real Estate Agent.

In our exclusive call with Andrew, he tells us what it takes to build a team and make it function effectively and productively. He describes setting up different functions from customer service to transaction coordination, selecting the right management systems, and using marketing strategies like HomeGain, Craigslist and YouTube.

Listen to Andrew’s sound advice:

Highlighted Quotes From Andrew:

  • “The writing on the wall was late last year, when I hired team member #1. I had gotten to point where I couldn’t handle the business I had. I had more leads than I could keep up with and was working 60-70 hours per week. It was imperatively important to me that I got people leverage. As soon as my new team member (my wife, Angela) started working with me, our business exploded, more than doubled within a couple of months (from 6-8 listings to 25+ home listings). This showed me how important it is to have a staff, to have people to help the business grow.”
  • “It’s really important that everyone has their own specific function. Every person has different characteristics and personality traits that makes them great at what they do. The way that our team has been set up removes me from the transaction coordination and customer service functions. Having someone who works specifically with home buyers, someone who does more admin functions, etc. allows me more time to show properties, sell properties and grow the business.”
  • “Our CRM system allows me to set up transactions, put action plans into place, assign tasks — and it’s all automated. It tells me how open houses went, client feedback, etc. There is a learning curve to learning CRM systems but it was a great decision. I’m glad that we were able to come together as a team to decide on it because it will allow us (as we grow) to implement more of the automated features and have much of the marketing portion happening for us on the back end.”
  • “For generating buyers, we gear towards referrals, whether personal referrals or using a company like HomeGain that helps drive people to us online. The Internet is really where the consumer is today. Our web presence is pretty strong, which is important to both buyers and sellers. 50% of our leads that closed came from the Internet. It’s about getting your listings out to the market as best as possible.”
  • “Something interesting that we started this year is focusing more on advertising our home listings and taking a video approach (a more Web 2.0 movement), which has helped us to secure additional listings. We are putting up videos of listings on YouTube and The video approach has differentiated us from other real estate agents. When we go on a listing appointment, it looks like we are offering a better service and more services, even if those services don’t cost us a lot of money to do.”
  • “Real estate is a numbers game. Statistics show that email advertising is least effective method, direct mail a close second. But if you contact enough people and you automate it, and you do it enough, you are going to get business.”
  • Having a team is the way to go if you want to be a really productive agent.”
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4 Comments on “How to Build a Thriving Real Estate Business”

Lenda Goulding-Cary Area Real Estate Expert

Great points to make, because without a strong team you won’t be able to get anywhere with your Real Estate Business. It is very important to make sure everyone has a clear understanding of their roles to keep things going smoothly.

New Team

Just curious what software/program you are using to assign tasks and keep each other updated, and how long did it take you all to get used to using it?

Listwise-Triangle Real Estate

It is great getting to listen to such a great businessman-thanks for having him! Having clear understanding of what is expected of each employee is key to getting good productivity and work flow-no one can back out saying “they didn’t know…” Great interview!

Andrew Duncan

Hello! Thanks for your feedback. I apologize that I wasn’t truly into blogging when this was posted. I was too busy trying to build/run my team! Now that I’m getting the right people in place – I plan to be around here more often. I use Top Producer 8i for my CRM to assign tasks, contact customers, etc. It took a while to get used but its web based and they offer a lot of training.

Andrew Duncan

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