Five Ways To Add Unique Photos To Your Real Estate Listings

Posted by: Anna Platz on February 11th, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words. The importance of the photographs in a real estate listing can’t be underestimated. The primary image must stand out among the page after page of listings a potential home buyer is likely browsing through, and the additional photos must motivate them to schedule an appointment to see the house in person. Images help make that emotional connection and make a property look like “home”.

Here are a few ideas to make your listing photos unique, and hopefully get the attention of home shoppers:

  1. Highlight Details. Does the home have a beautiful custom sink in the kitchen, architectural detail in an archway, or gorgeous drapery that stays with the home? They could be missed in a shot of the entire room. Take close up photos of the most special details in a home.
  2. Night Lights. If the property is well lit in the evening try a picture at dusk or even after dark. The glow of landscape lighting can be beautiful and something home shoppers would miss if viewing the home during the day.
  3. Include The View. Pictures of the view from a deck or porch are common when they include water, mountains, or city skylines, but think about showcasing even a less remarkable view. Can you see a nice garden, the lovely homes across the street, or attractive greenery? The more positives you can show a home shopper the more likely they are to put the home on his or her short list.
  4. Four Seasons. Ask the homeowner if they have any nice pictures of the property at other times of year. Including shots of the house with flowers in bloom in spring, brightly colored fall leaves, and a coating of winter snow might help potential buyers imagine year round living in the home.
  5. Show The Home In Action. You want a potential buyer to imagine themselves living in and enjoying the home – yet most listing photos show pristine and empty rooms, that can end up looking cold and impersonal. Take a cue from lifestyle magazines and show the home as it is meant to be used. Show the dining room set for a nice dinner. Set a tray of drinks on a table in the living room. Include mugs of coffee and some cozy blankets on the outdoor seating in the backyard. Keep these additional details refined and don’t let the shot get cluttered with too much. The idea is to convey emotion while still allowing the room to shine.


4 Comments on “Five Ways To Add Unique Photos To Your Real Estate Listings”

Atlantis Mortgage

Great tips for real estate professionals. The way the home appears is really important for potential home buyers and sellers alike.

Cambridge Homes

These are great tips. It’s amazing how good photographs make a difference. When I find myself oohing and ahhing as I go through the new MLS listings I know that the agent really got the photographs right. I particularly like your tip about shooting the house lit up in the evening – those can be very dramatic shots.


I have noticed that the photos that is taken are often making the rooms bigger, can I do this with a normal camera?

Jonathan Benya

I’ve always found people were interested in seeing the local features of the area in addition to the property itself, particularly for the out of town relocations that we have in the region.

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