Are you using all your tools to be successful?

Posted by: Mitch Ribak on September 29th, 2008

Sorry I haven’t been writing much lately, I have been swamped between helping new members of The eHomes Realty Network, which has been very fun and running Tropical Realty. On top of that our software is almost ready for release so I’ve been working with my staff to get all the bugs out. Now I know how hard it is to release software….who would have thought!

One thing I am learning as I’m helping Agents and Brokers around the country is the lack of diversity. I talk to Agents that only want to work on the Internet. I talk to others that don’t understand the Internet so they put all their resources into the old school way of doing business.

Recently I sat down with my most successful Agent in my office who is right around $8 million in sales (avg $168k per sale) and will end up around $11 or $12 million this year. This is an amazing number for our area right now. I wanted to figure out what she was doing versus most of my other Agents. Even though they are all doing ok, she is double my next best Agent. Her answer was very simple when I asked her. She said, “I just do everything you taught me to do.”

It was that easy. I have had other Agents in my two offices telling me that was what she had said to them, but I haven’t really talked to much to her about it. It’s probably one of my downfalls. I don’t spend a lot of time guiding my successful Agents, but recently I have been working on that am I am working on helping them create teams.

So what is it that I have taught my people that make them successful. First and foremost is proper sales training. I don’t mean training like using this close and that close. I mean things like listening, refining searches, educating and taking care of your customers. As much as this might sound like basics, it’s amazing how many people don’t do the simplest things. I don’t teach hard core sales, I teach what I call the help sell. It’s all about helping our customers.

Once I feel they have a good understanding of this, we work on our system. I explain how we get our leads and how we convert them using our 100MPH Marketing software and system. Even though our system is completely automated, they still have to understand the full system and how it works.

After all, follow up and phone calls can’t be done automatically and probably never will.

To me, the phone call is the key to success with Internet leads. That’s contrary to those who don’t think you should call leads or have them register…just wait for them to contact you. Yippie!

From there we have so much more to teach. You see, even though we are excellent at lead conversion from the Internet, my Agents who really succeed are excellent at all aspects of what I teach.

A few things you should be working toward being excellent at are:


For Sale By Owners are excellent, but not in the way you might think. We never try to get aFSBO as a listing, we use them for referrals. By using our system we get many. I have one I personally have been talking to for over a year. She hasn’t listed with me yet, but this year sent me a $675k buyer and an $850k buyer. I have helped my FSBO friend with lots of marketing ideas and more. Eventually if she lists, it will be with me. In the meantime, because of our methods, she is sending me business!

Floor Calls

Did you know that only 2% of floor calls are actually converted to customers for life. Since we market so heavily on the Internet, we receive a good amount of floor calls. When I first got in the business I mastered floor calls and converted 28 floor calls to sales my first year in the business. Most of my current Agents do very well with floor calls. The others don’t listen very well. One of my Agents received a floor call this week from a $1 million buyer. She is showing him homes this week! By using our system, we convert close to 80% of floor calls to leads.

Showing Property

Again, this sounds easy enough, but I have figured out a few things that helps sell more homes. It’s very easy stuff. My favorite is showing the house I think they are going to buy second to last. This works like a charm! If you have done a great job listening to your customer and refining their search, you should have a good idea on what home they will be most interested in purchasing. Just show this home second to last. Let’s look at 8 homes. If you show the first 6 that are average, the 7th (2nd to last) will be a “wow”. The 8th home will be just average. Once there simply say “You really seemed to like the last home the best. Do you want to go look at it again to see if it’s right for you?”. Most of the time they say yes and most of the time they buy that home.

Taking control of your customers

One major thing I teach is about taking control of your customers. In this day and age of the Internet, it’s even more important to not let your customers dictate your life. You need to let them know you are the professional. I have seen so many Agents…even in my office (which drives me crazy), let their customers tell them every home they are going to see. The Agent becomes a tour guide instead of helping them find their home, they are simply showing them homes. The number 1 reason we hear from customers that were working with a Realtor before coming to us was the fact that the Agent didn’t listen to what they needed and they were frustrated looking at homes that don’t match their needs. Take control of your customers by listening and evaluation which customers are the ones that are going to buy today!

Of course there is more. This is just sampling about being diversified in your Real Estate career. You have to be able to have multiple aspects of creating revenue. The better you are at building these systems, the better chance you have of really becoming successful.

The Internet is great and I have made a great living from it, but when I personally sold homes I used all my tools to create many sales. That’s the difference between myself selling over 50 homes per year every year to their 25 homes. They sell 25 from the Internet where I sold probaly 35 from the Internet and the other 15+ from floor calls, FSBOS, Seminars and more.

If you would like to discuss what you are doing and how I can help, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can email me at

Helping people is in my nature. I have been teaching sales related products for over 20 years now…boy I’m getting old! I love to teach and more importantly I love making people successful!

If you are not happy with your current place in the Real Estate world, give me a shout and let’s get you on the right path to success!



3 Comments on “Are you using all your tools to be successful?”


While it is hard to work outside your comfort zone, I’ve found that there are amazing gains, both personally and professionally, to be made by doing so.

Brian Kinkade

Another great article Mitch. Thank you for the reminder. I think too often agents expect clients to fall into their laps instead of investing the time and energy to go acquire them through their professional efforts. The Internet can be a great resource for leads but as you say, it simply shouldn’t end there.

Real Estate Taxi

I really like the showing the “WOW” house second to last and asking if the client would like to see it again

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