Are You Maximizing Your Leads?

Posted by: Mitch Ribak on January 31st, 2008

I had a great call with a Realtor the other day about maximizing his leads.

He really wasn’t sure what I was talking about and it made me realize how much I’ve enjoyed helping out so many of you with your Internet programs.

After talking with this guy, along with many of the others I have talked too, I decided I should touch on maximizing your leads.

We use our leads for four purposes:

1. Real Estate Leads – Buyers who are looking to buy a home within the next year or so.

2. Real Estate Leads – Sellers who are looking to sell their home prior to buying their new home. You should have a question on your search page that asks: ”Do you have a home to sell?” This will allow you to capture a substantial amount of sellers in this market needing to sell their homes. In this market about 50% of our leads have a home to see first.

3. Referrals – We have had tons of leads come in that have decided to purchase in areas we do not service. We do our best to refer them to agents in the area they are looking. Also, many of our buyers are coming from outside our area that has homes to sell. We always ask if they would like us to help them find a Realtor in their area to help. This is a great source of very easy income!

4. Mortgage Leads – I also own a mortgage company so we have: “Do you need information on financing?” Approximately 17% of our leads are also looking to financing. With this said, if you don’t own a mortgage company, you should have your mortgage license also so you can take full benefit of your real estate leads.

This is how you can maximize a lead:

1. The customer needs to sell their home from out of state. You find them a Realtor and receive a 25% referral fee when their home sells.

2. Once their home sells they need to buy a new home. They will buy their home through you. Another 3% of the home sales price or more.

3. They also need financing so you let them know you can take care of that for them too. Another 1-2% of the home sales price.

Any way you look at this; you are getting the most of that lead as possible. So not only is it important to be able to capture leads and turn those leads into home buyers, it’s important to look at the other avenues of revenue available to you with that lead.

As always, the more organized your system, the better you will be able to accomplish this goal.

Our software is looking like a March 1, 2008 launch which I will keep you updated. Thanks again for all of you that are putting your trust in me. I really appreciate it! Take care and have a great day!

Mitch Ribak, Broker
Tropical Realty of Suntree, Inc.
Office: (321) 259-9115
Cell: (321) 258-4150



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